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Quentin Tarantino Debates A Critic

I’m just going to post this today. It is eerily similar to what I’m doing with this blog, only it’s Quentin Tarantino in a debate over one of his films. 48 more words

# 426 - Kill Bill Vol. 2 & # 333 - Kill Bill Vol.1

Quentin Tarantino is one of my favourite directors, and I really don’t know that many. I hope to one day name my baby Tarantino, because he’s the best and also because it’s fun to say. 150 more words


What to Watch: 07/14/2016

If you want some shows, that are looking good, who you gonna call? Screen Scholars! We’ll be here all week. {star wars…nothing but star waaaaars…crazy ol’ star wars…all over the laaaand} 292 more words

What To Watch

How Kill Bill Taught Me that I am Not a Worker Bee

Kill Bill volume 1 and 2, two of my favorite movies ever made. Not just because you have a bunch of bad femme fatales kicking ass and taking heads, but because it’s a story about overcoming impossible feats and sticking to the path you believe in. 734 more words

Administrative Assistant

Kill Bill: Volume 3, ¿Tarantino continuará el proyecto?

Hemos esperado 12 años para ver una tercera parte

Por: Alejandra Ramírez

En 2004 vimos el final del viaje que emprendió La Novia, Beatrix Kiddo, después de haber buscado y asesinado a cada miembro del Escuadrón Asesino Víbora Letal en venganza por intentar matarla en el ensayo de su boda y, desde entonces, hemos esperado que Quentin Tarantino decida filmar la tercera parte de una historia que se grabó en la memoria del público y rindió homenaje a tantas otras icónicas películas, … 221 more words


Why Beatrix Kiddo Is One Of The Best Action Movie Protagonists

Beatrix Kiddo is the protagonist-of-many-names from the two Kill Bill films by Tarantino, and she’s probably one of the greatest, yet most under-appreciated characters the action genre of movies has ever brought us. 733 more words


Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)

100 Films’ 100 Favourites #48

A Roaring Rampage of Revenge

Also Known As: Kill Bill: Volume 1

Country: USA
Language: English, Japanese & French
Runtime: 1,147 more words

4 Stars