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Kill Bill vol. 2 Drinkalong

Ugh.  This week.  THIS WEEK.  I had all kinds of getting-shit-done-ahead-of-time plans and they all fell through and now I’m sitting here with less than 9 hours left and not a damn thing done. 109 more words


"Pastor" Sun Ho ordained recently as... a Pastor? Again?

Recently, Sun Ho was ordained in City Harvest Church as a ‘pastor’. (Even though the bible teaches that a woman can not be a pastor.) 566 more words

Kong Hee


“ I depict my life experiences through my art. The everyday journey that I undergo makes me what I am” says 24-year-old artist Brijesh Devareddy… 402 more words


'Cos the play's the thing... innit?

The swords arrived in pristine order. So well packed in fact, it felt criminal to destroy the artistry…

WTF! Clicky, that’s a personal, private photo and you’ve… *squint* …You’ve fucking numbered it! 203 more words

Rated R Movies Are Not Off-Limits to Christians

Rant by Nate

In the circles I run with at my church, I’m considered the young pup, i.e. young in faith and age, at least compared to my brothers and sisters. 1,311 more words


Quentin Tarantino's Distaste for "Arty Things" Is Nothing New

Back in 1994, when he was appearing at test screenings and early previews for his indie smash Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarantino had a little bit he’d do with audiences. 947 more words


Kill Bill vol. 1 Drinkalong

One of these days I will remember to write these damn posts ahead of time so that I’m not scrambling on the day of to get shit up. 31 more words