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Tarantino Shots

Karan Chandra makes a video tribute to the work of Quentin Tarantino with each of the shots that have been made in his movies, amazing job, enjoy!!


Internships: Oh the Agony.

Look at you! You’re finally at that stage in your educational career to start adding experience to your resume. I mean if you don’t intern somewhere then you will have no real world experience. 382 more words


Subtext: Some Have It, Others Don't

First, What Is It?

Subtext is implied information. It’s that simple. It comes from high context relationships, wherein two or more people have common knowledge of past events and refer to them without stating an outline of the events and how they effected each other and their futures. 2,314 more words

Craft Of Writing

The Cello's Favorite Quotes

No, to get even, even-steven… I would have to kill you… go up to Nikki’s room, kill her… then wait for your husband, the good Dr. 61 more words


March Morbidity E-lethal Eight: What Is The Greatest Movie Death Scene Ever?

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Finally, the people who truly love violence in cinema have done something about the domination of the No. 1 seeds through the first three rounds. 206 more words


Asics & Kill Bill

Finally, I can cop 2 (out of 5 total) Asics X ExtraButter.. Kolaborasi Asics dan store asal New York ini memang sudah lewat di 2013 lalu..tapi tetap menarik untuk dikoleksi, terlebih setelah tahu cerita dibaliknya yg sangat berkaitan dgn film besutan Quentin Tarantino favorit saya: … 234 more words