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From emporiums with vast caverns of dusty, disorganized stacks, to the slick, wooden-box shops, where carefully-curated bins of vinyl are perfectly positioned next to screen prints, the world has no shortage of diverse and amazing record shops. 1,892 more words

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Sass And Menace

You learn so much
Now listen up
Now gather ’round
Now listen up
Gather round now

I knew what the Gossip would sound like as soon as I saw that their LP… 838 more words

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Daily Engagement: A List of Some Cool Music You Can Buy on Bandcamp Today to Support the ACLU,

Daily Engagement is a new, brief, daily feature on Flavorwire. It’s aimed at helping people feel somewhat less helpless and hopeless (or at least in control of their helplessness and hopelessness) in the midst of a political news cycle that’s been doling out daily affronts to human decency. 704 more words


Kleenex Liliput-First Songs (Kill Rock Stars)

The best way to prove that it’s not your fault Zurich is stained is to buy this record.

Some beautiful songs try to make you think

“Some beautiful songs try to make you think that, for a moment, there’s no crap in the world, that it’s just a beautiful place. But Elliott’s songs admit that the world’s fucked up, and this is just a beautiful moment we get to have.”

Slim Moon

Kill Rock Stars

Huggy Bear (early 1990s) Taking the Rough with the Smooch (10" LP) Kill Rock Stars (1993)

Huggy Bear

Taking the Rough with the Smooch 

Kill Rock Stars (1993)

Classic U.K. riot grrrl/boy punk…pissed off and raw stomp and spit, focused like a pistol, snatching up some of the pieces where folks like Crass  left off…this 10″ housing cuts from singles and EPs from the previous year or so. 8 more words

Kristen Schaal and Kurt Braunohler are Sitting in a Hot Tub at the End of the World

As odd as it may seem, an upbeat attitude is actually kind of a rare thing in comedy — which is part of the reason why Kristen Schaal and Kurt Braunholer stand out. 1,498 more words

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