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DUCKS FOR SLUG CONTROL IN POLYTUNNEL - 3rd week in February 2015

During a week of work experience on Jim Cronin’s organic farm near Killaloe in County Clare, it was interesting to learn more about the role ducks can play in keeping slug numbers down. 180 more words


CLEANING POLYTUNNELS IN CO. CLARE - 2nd wk in February 2015

Nothing like a bit of work experience with a respected organic farmer like Jim Cronin near Killaloe, Co. Clare, to acquire new horticultural skills. Jim depends on  polytunnels  to ensure he can grow some fruit and veg all year round, especially in winter when field crops are not so plentiful. 129 more words


fun in the sun

Oooh today was L.O.V.E.L.Y! Just the perfect weather to introduce my new coat to the world! Well it could have been warmer but I am not complaining after the battering we got the past few days. 224 more words


A farewell to February: You cold, horrible and entirely unpleasant month

It is with a frozen tear in one eye, toe-warmers in our boots and the car sitting dumbly in the driveway as we await a boost that we bid farewell to February, the month that, despite its fleeting camouflage of Valentine’s Day, has been the most heartless of the calendar. 939 more words

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