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4 Invasive Species that Ruin Everything

One of the most exciting things about visiting other parts of the world is seeing how different the geography and landscape is. You see exotic plants and strange animals that you can’t help but admire. 733 more words

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Killer Bees Found In The Bay Area

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/AP) – Researchers say Africanized honeybees, known as killer bees, have made their way to the Bay Area for the first time.

The San Francisco Chronicle… 190 more words


Africanized 'Killer Bees' Discovered In East Bay For First Time

LAFAYETTE (CBS SF) — Africanized honeybees, also known as ‘killer bees’ have been found in the East Bay for the first time.

Africanized bees are a hybrid of the European bee and the African bee, and known for their more aggressive nature. 227 more words


Bees pollinate a significant majority of the world's food — and these vital pollinators are in serious trouble.

In North America alone, honey bees pollinate nearly 95 kinds of fruits and nuts, including almonds, avocados, cranberries and apples. Each of us relies on bees — and the pollination services they provide — every day. 468 more words

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Jumpin' Jim Brunzell Of The Killer Bees Finally Shares His Thoughts On Hulk Hogan's Racism

Surprisingly, things haven’t gotten much better for Hulk Hogan in the months following the racism scandal that got him booted and scrubbed from WWE. 326 more words


Hanging Scapular Retraction

Want to test your upper back strength? Here is a great exercise that does just that plus it also functions as a way to train your shoulders to remain depressed and retracted (down and back), as means to ensure good posture. 472 more words

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In the nineties and into the early part of this century, the lowly Houston Astros had a trio of players called the Killer Bees, all players whose surname began with a B. 426 more words