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Killer Bees Cancel Constuction

Five more minutes and I would have been finished with the foundation and only need to put up a rim when I hear this loud roaring sound reminiscent of a tsunami. 231 more words


Killer Bee Live Removal (Bees are important)

Killer Bee Live Removal’s Lance Davis on The Bill O’Reilly Back Of The Book Interview on the miseducation of Killer Bee’s and how to remove them from your Property. 722 more words

Bee Removal

Killer Bee Removal On The Scene


A 71-year old woman is expected to survive after she was stung an estimated 1,000 times by bees, and she wasn’t the only victim. 415 more words

Bee Removal

#AtoZChallenge: B is for Bushmasters, Bees, and Bullet Ants

The Inspirations, Ugly Truths, and Things That Make You Go “Huh?” for Under A Melting Sun


It’s like the three main ingredients for a recipe of disaster. 758 more words

Novels, Novellas, Narratives

A “Winter Texan” quilt group………

With a name I can really love……”Killer Bees”. Yup, that’s their moniker! Now that’s gotta ‘bee’ an assertive group…yes??? Their meeting this morning was fast paced, well organized and kept on track by Ms Jan, a wireless-hand-held mic wielding gal whose attention was difficult impossible to ignore. 437 more words

Ghostface Reminds A Heckler Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nothing To F*ck With

Why would anyone go to a a Wu-Tang show just to heckle one of the Clan, knowing how rooted in the streets these guys were before music? 59 more words


The Wood Crafters Show....Wow...Talent Was Amazing....

Last Saturday, Rich and I and Cici and Larry went to a Woodcarving Show in San Juan.  Woodcarving is really big down here.  Our park doesn’t have a very big group, but in other Parks it is huge. 886 more words