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Killer Bees….photo recap……..

This group plans ahead!! Next year’s (yes, I said “next year”!) ‘challenge’ is already organized!!! Each participant will receive 3 randomly chosen color crayons in a sandwich baggy. 153 more words

“Killer Bees”…another week……..more buzzing……..

Some business and on to sharing. Disclaimer: I forgot my camera so I had to rely on my cell. Photo quality very marginal, but you will get a feel for the creativity, I’m sure! 235 more words

“Bee” Thursday recap………..

  Every Thursday is “Killer Bee” day! (see here) Business first. Next week is a shop-hop bus trek and the final details needed to be put in place. 404 more words

Eek!!!! Killer Bees!!!!!……….

Where??!!!!??? Well, right here in southern Texas, but not to fear ‘cuz these are of the quilting kind. They’re easy to locate….just follow the “buzzing” … 494 more words

The Prelapsarians: Ten Reasons You SHOULDN'T Read

Last night, I posited ten of the best reasons, among the millions, why folks would be doing themselves a great service by reading my first novel, … 1,021 more words