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Bees Are Dying

 Here’s Why All the Bees Are Dying

Bees are essential for life as we know it, but we’re wiping them out.

—By Tim McDonnell

Bees are having a really hard time right now. 536 more words

Killer Bees

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I’m really excited today over a few recent developments, and I also have way more information to bring than I can actually post here. I’ll do what I can, so let’s get started. 621 more words


I Will Be Wrong Again

Back in the seventies, right after the first
episode of Saturday Night Live, Network

executives gave the cast some feedback: “We
loved it, but cut the bees. 150 more words


On Swarms

David Cameron recently described migrants as ‘a swarm of people coming across the Mediterranean’. The context was events in Calais, otherwise known as the ‘Calais migrant crisis’, … 1,361 more words


Mother Nature is a Beautiful and Angry Bitch ... Just Like Me

Here in the Chicago area, we have had a very moist and rainy summer. My pores have been open almost constantly. I’m sure that a meteorologist could be much more eloquent than I, but suffice to say that there was wet stuff falling from the sky every other day for the last seven weeks. 1,109 more words

Keeping Bees away


Africanized Honey Bees: How to Bee-Proof Your Home

1. How honey bees establish new colonies.

Honey bees are social creatures that live in groups of up to 60,000 individuals. 737 more words

Killer Bees

Bees Emerge From Pipe, Sting Farmer To Death

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RIO HONDO, Texas (AP) — A South Texas farmer has died after he was stung by hundreds of bees while using a tractor on a field near Rio Hondo. 112 more words