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Anna (2017)

Plot: Jacob (Justin Duncan) and his brother Shawn (Gerald Crum) host a YouTube channel that is all about the paranormal, which finds them visiting haunted sites or interacting with various cursed objects. 470 more words

Puppet Master: Axis of Evil

Puppet Master: Axis of Evil – 2010 – United States

Puppet Master: Axis of Evil is the 9th entry in the Puppet Master series. It is set in 1939, immediately following the suicide of Andre Toulon in the first Puppet Master movie. 363 more words

4 Heads

The Surrogate

The Surrogate
Nick Sharman | Signet Books | 1980 | 249 pages

Following the death of his estranged, abusive father, Frank Tillson fights for the soul of his own son, Simon, in a battle of wills against the old man’s malevolent spirit. 429 more words

Pulp Fiction

Puppet Master: The Legacy

Puppet Master: The Legacy – 2003 – United States

Puppet Master: The Legacy (a.k.a. Puppet Master 8) is an especially uninspired and lazy entry in the… 216 more words

United States

Retro Puppet Master

Retro Puppet Master – 1999 – United States

Retro Puppet Master (a.k.a Puppet Master 7) is a prequel to the original Puppet Master. Like… 355 more words

United States

Robert (2015)

Plot: Jenny (Suzie Frances Garton) is convinced it is time to let their housekeeper Agatha (Judith Haley) find a new position, as she is older and seems to be slipping in her duties, not to mention the financial aspect. 514 more words

Episode 178: Dead Silence

Yet another listener requested film this week and also the start of a very very small streak of special guests while Nick is off working on a super secret special project. 119 more words