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Dolly Dearest (1991)

Someone, possibly a loudmouthed presidential candidate, should do something about all our evil doll manufacturing jobs moving to Mexico.

Here are some poems.


Finespun minutiae… 15 more words


The Boy 2016

An old, dark house, a creepy old couple, a beautiful young woman brought into look after what she thinks will be a small child but turns out to be something far more sinister. 882 more words

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Killer Dummy Novel

So, I take it the general consensus is the idea for a killer dummy didn’t really wow anyone?

Ehh…I’m still working on How the West Was Zombed.   371 more words


Untitled Killer Doll Project - Chapter 5

NOTE:  Ummm…yeah.  So this is where it starts to get pretty awful and I started to have second thoughts.

“Kaboodle” starts talking on his own for the first time.  

1,924 more words

Untitled Killer Doll Project - Chapter 3

NOTE: I would rewrite this to have “Molly” actually come in later with a gaudy dress on and a pillow stuffed up her dress to simulate a Kim Kardashian butt.

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Untitled Killer Doll Project - Chapter 2

NOTE:  I’d probably take the part where Luther and Lindsey are talking in the green room and make it another chapter.

Also, the song Kit sings – that was just something I churned out quick.  

2,295 more words

Untitled Killer Doll Project

Hey 3.5 Readers.

BQB here.  So last October, what with it being Halloween month and all, an idea popped into my head and much to my surprise, I banged out 6,000 words in an evening. 467 more words