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Santa Comic Page

I added a page at the top called  “Santa Comic.” I’ve posted the comic pages in order there, along with some additional information about the story and setting. 77 more words

Final Santa Page

Man, I wasn’t kidding when I said “sometime after New Years.”

Well, here is the last page of the Santa comic I was doing. The page went by really fast this time. 34 more words

Random ink drawing

This is something that’s been keeping me busy for the past couple days. I’m beginning to really prefer ink as a medium, and I finally think I’m getting the hang of it, somewhat. 51 more words

Santa Splash Page #1

Below is the first splash page for the Santa comic. It is actually page # 2 in the sequence. Just one page to go.

I’ve started a new painting and have been working on the screenplay for the Walden Earth comic, so that has been taking me away from the Santa comic. 12 more words

Last sequential Santa page

Here is the next page and the last sequential story page. The other two are, more or less, pin-up style.

This one was more work that I thought. 23 more words

Page 3 (technically 4) - Santa

This is the 3rd page for the Santa short comic I’m doing. I tried to emphasize the lines more, rather than the gradients. Also, I’m trying to inject my personality into the panels a little more than in the previous ones. 48 more words

Santa Pages

I’m gonna upload a new page and I’m going to re-upload the earlier page considering the bad quality of the original picture.

Things are going faster and smoother now. 14 more words