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Nicole Scherzinger flaunts killer curves in figure-hugging dress

Stunning Nicole Scherzinger is no stranger to flaunting her killer curves in skimpy outfits, so it’s no surprise that she’s at it again. Nicole arrived at The X Factor bootcamp auditions in London wearing an eye-poppingly low-cut dress and had clearly opted to leave her bra at home. 47 more words

Podcast React!!!

The format of the podcast is helpful in my opinion because it lets you do other things while listening to the podcast. The fact that the podcast is all audio, lets you have your hands and eyes free to do other things, so it can be entertainment  while doing manual or repetitive labor. 210 more words


Serial: Guilty or Innocent?

Serial is a podcast series narrated by Sarah Koenig that investigates the murder of Hae Min Lee and the guilt or innocence of her ex-boyfriend in high school, Adnan Syed. 1,151 more words

The trouble with tomatoes

After assessing whether the tomatoes are ripe, the harvest can begin in earnest.

Let’s bring ’em in. Although they have a good sturdy skin, don’t stack them to high, or the weight might harm those at the bottom! 29 more words


Numbered days

  You … Well, here, have a cigarette first, son. It’ll help with the nerves

  Why? What’s wrong?

  Sit down, it’s better this way.

  I’d rather stand, fuck you very much. 358 more words