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Killer Coffee Grinder

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Grinder 50 Things That Will Make You Say “What A Time To Be Alive” How To Make Coffee with a French Press Quick Tip: Clean Your Coffee Grinder With Rice… 10 more words

Another Gun Nut White Boy...Another Mass Shooting

White racist gun freaks like to quote numbers about “black on black” crime. It is a disingenuous argument for several reasons. In so called, black on black crime in terms of shooting, in vast majority occur within a limited geographic region of less than 10 miles form a major urban center. 649 more words

Domestic Terrorism

Mitrione Turns Himself In After Killing Best Friend

Matthew Steven Mitrione, 37, entered the Palm Beach County’s Sheriffs office early this morning and turned himself in for killing his best friend. His imaginary best friend, Mr. 271 more words


Hellen Killer.

She was a different kind of lover…under the covers, behind closed doors…. Maybe on all four, limbs… Interesting, how she goes blind and deaf, all she can feel is the flesh… All she can sense is what’s next… Pacing and racing to the rhythm of the thrust…crushing your soul with every sound that she moans, can you hear it? 137 more words



I was gonna give this a 4. Yet this tingling feeling of pride said, ‘you take out that one star!’

This is the 2nd book of the trilogy. 764 more words


Make A Statement: 9 Killer Baubles To Covet Now

Emerald Earrings
.50 Carat Vintage Platinum and Diamond Engagement Ring
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Emerald Earrings Despicable Me Themed Wedding Make A Statement: 9 Killer Baubles To Covet Now The Extras: Going Green… 10 more words