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Book Club: Angel Killer

I want to start out by saying I’ve read this book twice. Once in the early ebook version when Andrew Mayne was self publishing, and I bought the newer version in paperback when it was re-released through HaperCollins Publishers. 234 more words


Baby, I'm a Sociopath. Sweet Serial Killer

A couple of hours ago as I was writing my Group Docs, I began to listen to Lana del Rey. And as I moved on to my serial killer essay, of course, the song Serial Killer was playing. 413 more words

HATRED, You'll Be Releasing Your Disturbing Reign Of Terror Soon

Preparing for Hatred’s launch Destructive Creations studio has just finished accepting pre-orders. Devs announced that all early buyers will be able to launch the game on May 29th – three days before the official release! 433 more words


My Killer

I thought I was strong,
I thought I was brave,
I thought I was smart enough,
I thought I can take it all,
But that’s just what I thought.
37 more words
Personal Experience

Upcoming Monster Chopper and QCK Teams

Monster Chopper is set to appear in late May and having known about him since Mihawk left, I would hope by now I am adequately prepared and that I do not have to resort to the Vivi/Laboon Tank method. 223 more words



Mass riots in front of the Parliament building in Kiev: tyres are burning once again

Traffic along Hrushevskyi Street is blocked. Police units have been summoned to the center of the city. 156 more words