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Coppers on Video

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In the last year, videos of incidents between white police officers and minorities have prompted changes in procedures. Here is a look at those videos, which include graphic scenes of violence.


Cecil The Lion Is Dead

What’s all the fuss about  That’s a lion an animal a member of the cat family killed by another animal a homosapien The highest ranking animal on the planet Man That’s what animals do best They kill A day does not go by without some one human or some one animal getting killed Man is really good at it We have these things called wars drive by shootings man slaughter executions hangings etc put any name you want on it It still is what it is Killing We got the NRA to help us do it too They make sure we got the stuff to hunt to protect ourselves with  To protect ourselves from other humans who have guns that go out looking for some one to hunt to kill That’s what we do Mankind – now there’s a laugh man and kind together if man were kind he wouldn’t be out killing would he  Anyway mankind has been killing from day one It is in his blood He develops all kinds of weapons to do it better  We have gone from the spear the arrow the single shot pistol to the AK-47 From a single bomb to cluster bombs incendiary bombs block buster bombs to the atomic bomb Like I said we have here in the states The NRA but we got more  than that Like almost every country in the world we got an army  trained official killers to massacre for us on a grand scale We  got special forces seals commandos snipers green berets all highly trained to kill That’s what we do We kill each other So what’s a lion  Well now killing Cecil was senseless Utterly senseless So what was the Civil War Where thousands of troops actually lined up in an open field against the enemy also lined up across the opposite side of that same field and began shooting at each other while advancing towards each other in that open field Senseless Iraq Weapons of mass destruction The invasion Senseless Cecil the lion is dead so what Who’s next Maybe it will be you Mankind We kill each other The animal kingdom They kill each other Survival of the fittest it’s called Killing is what it is Kill or be killed We are running out of lions Maybe someday we will be running out of humans Cecil the lion is dead