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Why The Violence?

Yet another shooting in America where ten people were killed at a school and ten others wounded, including a substitute teacher. Why? What is wrong with American youth these days that they have to go around shooting people at schools. 423 more words


Solutions to School Shootings *

Upgrade security and access at schools to the level of government buildings and police stations

Monitor the social media of all students

Arm teachers and/or surround schools with retired soldiers with guns (or even just random “good guys with guns”) 66 more words

Pop Culture

Your Typical Serial Killing Story.

I thought I’d start off the creepy shit with my favourite Serial Killer. It’s pretty weird to have a favourite serial killer, don’t worry i know that already but i do and he is known as The Candy Man. 1,503 more words


Serial Misogyny: One Sister's Story

One of you all called this book to my attention. No, I haven’t read it yet but from the prologue, I gather the gaslighter drove the woman to murder him.



We stated in Series-15 that “As to the money, the eraser of defamation. Rest assured whatever passes through the hands of Charkaoui and Abdelrazik has the ultimate end of funding the violence necessary to ensconce sharia in Western Society. 1,262 more words

The Angriest Man Series

A Room Full of Killers by Michael Wood

5 stars from me (can I give it 6?)

This book hits you hard from page 1 and simply does not stop.

A Room Full of Killers is sheer brilliance;  540 more words

Book Review

Are Vegans and Cats Killers? | Thoughts on Guns On & In YouTube

There was a recent attack at YouTube HQ. The narrative following the issue has been of interest due to the personality and decisions of the individual that carried out this shooting. 84 more words