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Chrome Extension Obscures Mass Shooters' Names

Do you think that mass shooters get too much attention in the media? There’s an extension for that. “In the wake of mass shootings, the family and friends of many victims have advocated for the media to withhold names and photos of shooting suspects to keep the focus on those injured and killed, and to avoid giving shooters their 15 minutes of fame. 15 more words

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Walter White's Seduction

Walter White. Heisenberg. Hey, Dexter, you too. I did not include you in the title because today is W.

You gentleman (I use the term loosely) seduced me. 248 more words

Killers Walk Amongst Us.

Killers Walk Among Us. They do. It’s simple as that!

In a perfect world, there are rainbows and peace is everlasting. In this world however, evil people exist.  755 more words


Werewolves on Trial

Many know about the craze of witchcraft trials in the Modern period but few know about a subset: the werewolf trials. While the werewolf trials never caught on as fervently as witchcraft, in both the majority of those accused were frequently marginalized members of society.  1,514 more words

Killers In Our Midst

The Godfather trilogy directed by Francis Ford Coppola and distributed by Paramount Pictures, starts out with Mr. Amerigo Bonasera stating his love for America.  He goes on to speak about his parenting relative to his daughter’s dating.  682 more words


7 Signs You're a Fictional Assassin

  1. Every article of clothing that you own has a hidden weapon.  This makes doing laundry very difficult and it is not uncommon for a knife to get stuck in the lint trap.  
  2. 314 more words