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‘He Seemed Like Such A Nice Guy’: 39 People Recall Knowing Someone Who Became A Murderer

Found on AskReddit.

1. I couldn’t believe that this was the same friendly, polite, intelligent guy my mom had hugged and fed at our home. 5,917 more words

June Books

I really need to think of something more creative for my book post titles. Then again, this way it’s very clear what this post is about. 640 more words


Wow. So Probation Is Now The Going Rate For Murdering A Baby. Oh, If Your A Muslim That Is..

Wow we certainly are showing quite the ” religious tolerance ” arent we? I wonder if I can rob a few banks as long it falls under my religious beliefs.. 10 more words

Why Do We Think And Believe What We Do?

Brain Sucking—Praying Mantises Killers

Praying mantises Are killing birds and eating their brains. Unbelievable news. Not new information apparently, just news to me. The photo above, taken by Tom Vaughn via university of Basel, shows the mantis hanging from the humming bird feeder where he has pierced the skull of the humming bird and is sucking out its contents. 226 more words


Cash For Killers

Gun violence is a very small percentage of crime in general, but has a very profound impact on survivors, community members and the public in general. 290 more words