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Cereal Killers

What does serial sound like when read outloud? Cereal! The poor things!

Done in watercolors.
No cereal was harmed in making this, nor referencing any violence or making offense in this cartoon
Kate S 2014/2015


I live with a Killer

Like most ways this story begins I was a single girl living on my own in Indianapolis. My friends introduced me to him when, at that time, he went by the name Tiko. 1,330 more words

Earworm 28 Apr 15: 'All These Things That I've Done' by The Killers

Interesting that this is the song that I ended up with in my head today. I started out listening to Coldplay this morning (unusual for me), but this was queued up after that. 54 more words


No More Mr. Nice Guy

I have spent part of my time in the van lately listening to Alice Cooper.  Many people already know that the early Alice Cooper albums, the band ones up through his first few solo albums, are fantastic pieces of work.   322 more words


Question is....

I’ve been wondering if I have gone too far….I guess that’s not possible or I wouldn’t have been able to find my way back home…no, but seriously I do question myself.   158 more words

Kait King

Arab Teen Muhammed Abu Khdeir, Brutally Murdered By Jewish Extremists, To Be Removed From Jerusalem Terror Memorial At Family’s Request

Times of Israel: The name of Arab murder victim Muhammed Abu Khdeir, which was recently added to the Victims of Acts of Terror Memorial on Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl, will be removed at the request of his family. 94 more words


Happy Birthday, Hitler

You ruined today and the Oklahoma bomber ruined yesterday. I’m sure someone has ruined each of the other 363 days plus Feb. 29 as well. Tell me why, Tell me why I don’t like Mondays….