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Killing Time is Back! Hiatus Ends; Project Re-boot Dave Begins!

Killing Time is back after a month-long hiatus!  While I’m excited by writing again and getting back to escaping into fantasy worlds aplenty, people have been so kind to me this last month that I wanted to give reality its due one more time before I resume my policy of keeping my personal life out of my writing altogether.   749 more words


The First Lady of KT is Gone. A Follow-Up to Killing Time's Hiatus.

Amazingly adapted from a my photo by my wife’s oldest son, Rick.

This is just a follow-up to the KT Hiatus that was posted last week.   704 more words


Killing Time August 28, 2014 - What the F*ck, PG-13?

Note: Due to an attempt to keep this column PG-13 (at least by MPAA standards), the word “f*ck” will be replaced by the word “woodchuck”. 457 more words


Killing Time - August 14, 2014 (Robin Williams)

I can’t wrap my head around it.  It’s been three days now since Robin Williams took his own life, and it’s still virtually all I think about.  544 more words


Quick Site Note

Just for the regulars, the KT Weekly column is going to go on a two week hiatus because of writer burnout and Comic Con next week. 51 more words


Killing Time Passes 100,000 Hits!

I never thought that when I started KT back in January of 2013 that I’d ever have a 100k people stop by from over 170 countries all over the world. 188 more words