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Killing Time - December 29, 2014 "Happy Holidays"


Veteran fans of KT are running through the streets, tearing at their eyeballs at the lack of order.  We do MY FAVORITE SCENE on Tuesdays and KILLING TIME on Thursdays!   323 more words


Killing Time - November 6, 2014 (On What to do When the Doings Done)

My wife died one month ago today.  I know I said I was going to stop trying to yammering on about it, but it’s kind of not blogging about my head falling off.   624 more words


Killing Time is Back! Hiatus Ends; Project Re-boot Dave Begins!

Killing Time is back after a month-long hiatus!  While I’m excited by writing again and getting back to escaping into fantasy worlds aplenty, people have been so kind to me this last month that I wanted to give reality its due one more time before I resume my policy of keeping my personal life out of my writing altogether.   749 more words


The First Lady of KT is Gone. A Follow-Up to Killing Time's Hiatus.

Amazingly adapted from a my photo by my wife’s oldest son, Rick.

This is just a follow-up to the KT Hiatus that was posted last week.   704 more words


Killing Time August 28, 2014 - What the F*ck, PG-13?

Note: Due to an attempt to keep this column PG-13 (at least by MPAA standards), the word “f*ck” will be replaced by the word “woodchuck”. 457 more words


Killing Time - August 14, 2014 (Robin Williams)

I can’t wrap my head around it.  It’s been three days now since Robin Williams took his own life, and it’s still virtually all I think about.  544 more words


Quick Site Note

Just for the regulars, the KT Weekly column is going to go on a two week hiatus because of writer burnout and Comic Con next week. 51 more words