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A little homework before a Clint Black concert Friday night

Clint Black was one of my favorite 90s country artists. I saw him squarely up against that other guy Garth Brooks. Garth is great but I liked Clint. 496 more words

Killing Time Will Return Thursday 

My apologies, but there is a nasty bug going around and until it gets cleared up, the site’s backlog will just have to build. My apologies but hopefully things will be back at full strength soon.


"Killing Time"

3/12/13. Written by: Victor P.

“Killing Time”

You bring the blade to time’s throat
And make sure to cut it quite slow.
Sit back and watch its blood flow, 112 more words

Glory To God Alone


It’s been over a week since I posted my last blog.

That’s mainly because in my mind there’s a clog.

I have had a few other things to keep me busy… 222 more words


Two-Cents Tuesdays~ Don't Kill Time

I think a lot, about all kinds of things. Like many folks, I think about thinking, what I’m thinking about, how what I’m thinking about affects me and those around me and how what I’m thinking about either serves to provide energy and steam to my day or instead drains energy, creativity and perspective. 353 more words