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By Ed 

And All Photographs by Mike.

Mike took a bunch of photos at Natefest which was a very cool event over two days for a very good cause. 13 more words


Instrument making Sunday

Having my own private workshop repairing and fabricating more prepared knitting needles for my Knitting Music workshop in the Millenium Centre in Cardiff this Saturday. Great computer free moment just with the radio and me.

Sounds & Compositions

So much for Fremont

We picked up another earworm while Alene was having coffee. Cat Power, The Greatest — one which draws big memories as Alene heard it almost daily at one of her retail jobs. 524 more words

Musings & Personal

Go to Fremont

Alene had a rather trying week — so I suggested we just have a nice Saturday together. I asked Allen for ideas. “Go to Fremont” was his suggestion — so here we are! 181 more words

Musings & Personal

Someone's sitting in my chair

Alene is in downtown Seattle this morning. Later on, she will join one of the Jane’s Walks that are happening, but the first order of the day after getting off the bus has to be coffee — of course. 238 more words


Playing together

When Alene and I first connected back in 1999, she carried with her a little handheld computer — a Psion-5. There was a small community of developers making games and apps for this little machine and Alene installed one of those games where you have to make as many words as you can in two minutes. 319 more words

Killing Time

How to Kill Time at the Airport

If you’re like me, you somehow always get to the airport obnoxiously early, despite all your attempts not to. On the one hand, having extra time at the airport is kind of nice–it’s like a little bubble where you’re forced to just chill out and relax (because we obviously aren’t going to use our time there productively and do work or anything absurd like that). 655 more words