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haiku for you

some thoughts on clothing

fleece drools & why crocs
socks with sandals never do
tevuggs have to stop

Killing Time

gift giving: people with kids

these gifts for “Those People”

life size gummy bear: ideal for your average sized toddler but preferred for a typical 6 year-old who is going to flip-their-@!(#$ if anyone takes their gummy away. 155 more words

Killing Time

My Favorite Binge-Watchable Netflix Shows

Most college students my age binge drink, but me? I binge WATCH. Okay, kind of lame, I know, but at least I can admit it! Although I do sometimes enjoy a night out with my girls, my go-to is definitely watching Netflix on my laptop in bed until my eyes burn, using my roommates Netflix account of course. 410 more words

Killing Time


Things you can do in a day:

wax your entire body.

flip off cars on a busy intersection.

panhandle with the sign: i’m trying new things. 82 more words

Killing Time