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In the Beginning

Life While-You-Wait.
Performance without rehearsal.
Body without alterations.
Head without premeditation.

The seed I planted, when I began working on the idea of what I would do while I was Waiting for Godot, was planted back in November 2014. 171 more words

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Are You Ready For Some Football?

If you guys are ever looking for a way to just kill some time, and by kill some time I mean like really disrespectfully squeeze the life out of it before throwing it in the trash can and setting it on fire, you should think about checking out the SuperBowl pregame shows. 432 more words


Review: "Killing Time [PC Version]" (Retro Computer Game)

Well, for today, I thought that I’d take a look at a mostly-forgotten FPS game from 1996 called “Killing Time” that I finished a few hours before writing this review. 1,988 more words


Tarot Story Starters

Sometimes, when I need fuel injected creativity, I turn to a Tarot deck. This deck is far from complete, but there are some stories lying behind my version of the Tarot. 19 more words

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An Inner World Revealed

This is a collection of drawings I did while I was travelling, with a host of companions,   in Lemuria. Many of these are self-portraits!  Over a five year period,  while my late husband was battling cancer, and often confined to bed, I spent my nights drawing, Looking at these drawing now I can see that I managed to capture the inner world that sustained me during those long years. 54 more words

Heather Blakey Purveyor Of Creative Stimuli

What to do when you are faced with a long weekend and you've got no one to spend with and it's not long enough to go places

Disclaimer: Following are tried and tested methods. Reader discretion is not advised. 

The title is long, but not long enough to qualify as a winding paragraph by itself. 1,000 more words

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Why "Killing Time" is Killing Us

Have you heard the phrase “killing time”? It’s a term used to describe the need to pass time quickly by doing something that is not that important. 1,026 more words

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