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Four Hours in Dubai

I wonder where that pretty German girl who sat next to me went.


I have four hours to kill in Dubai International Airport—not enough time to go on a quick tour around the city, plus it’s 4 a.m. 378 more words

Summer '15


Say it out loud. Bumblebee. Make the bum the highest note and the bee the lowest.

Smile as you say bee — and hang onto it for a couple of seconds. 9 more words



I’ve been looking through the “paperwork” I’ve amassed since I’ve been here. I keep a daily journal, as does Allen. His is pretty hilarious, revolving mainly around meals, chores, the occasional quarrel, and ironic observations about the weather. 264 more words


Rogues gallery

Somehow we don’t get bored here. I often worry about Allen, because he doesn’t have the view through Alene to keep him occupied — but he says watching my reactions to what I witness is entertaining enough! 168 more words


About a bag

Allen and I have been hunkered down enjoying snow for a few days — and it looks set to continue. So watching Alene go about her business on a summery Saturday in Seattle gave me plenty of things to report to Allen. 646 more words


Killing Time Is Back Up At Amazon!

Something strange and terrible is happening to Randolph Stevens’s world. Pieces of it are disappearing, bit by bit. And he’s the only one who notices. 12 more words


A moment together

I’ve had Alene to myself for the last three days — Memorial Day weekend. She does lead something of a double life and I have to be mindful of the need to not intrude too much on the life that requires her to go out in the world and earn a living. 214 more words

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