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In Transit

Hmm. What’s a guy to write a blog post about when he’s sitting in the Atlanta airport waiting for his connecting flight to Fort Myers, Florida? 368 more words

As I Come Singing

Kill Time.

I’m just here to kill time, I say,
So just kill time with me.
Help me strangle it before it strangles us.
We need to stop its ticking pulse, 105 more words

Creative Writing

64. Nagano Update 3 - An attack

Sorry for the lack of update yesterday. I started a few times, but I just couldn’t think of anything to write. I ate, walked around with Ayako and Risa, and talked briefly with a few people, but they didn’t have much to say. 506 more words

Coworker Creation #2 - Top Notch

So, I discovered this the other day… I spent awhile trying to discern its purpose, even sought the opinion of customers, but we were all clueless. 54 more words


Something will change your life


We see people, observe and make them our inspiration. Then try to be like them and push our self for a certain period to achieve what we wish for. 587 more words

Killing Time at the Park Theatre

What I thought was a merely over-indulgent promotional trailer, with large quantities of wine and abundant pizzicato on the cello, is in fact rather accurate a representation of Killing Time. 429 more words

Killing Time: Perfecting Chrono-Minimalism

Minimalism is en vogue. Inspired by writers like Marie Kondo and her life-changing magic of throwing out everything, people between Auckland and Alaska are happily trashing toothbrushes, t-shirts, teddy bears, todo lists, travel guides, thrillers, trampolines, trombones, tapestries, and all other knick-knack 1,172 more words

Thinking About The World