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13 minutes

(Found on Alene’s old iPad)

Sirens sounded throughout the city center and businesses locked their doors.

“It will be precisely thirteen minutes,” my guide informed me. 323 more words

Killing Time

Night sights

I’m a bit indignant.  Alene keeps complaining that she has no one at home to talk to after an upsetting day — no one to comfort her and remind her that someone cares for her. 514 more words

Musings & Personal

Weather watching

Remember the two old farts (played by Michael Caine and Robert Duvall) in the film Second Hand Lions? On hot summer evenings they sat on the porch with a pitcher of lemonade, guns at the ready, looking for anyone (salesman) who might be foolhardy enough to drive up the long dirt track to their house. 498 more words

Musings & Personal

Seasonal dislocation

Our winter solstice bonfire got us in a rather festive mood. But, this is the southern hemisphere — and it’s June — so Christmas won’t immediately follow. 232 more words


Four Hours in Dubai

I wonder where that pretty German girl who sat next to me went.


I have four hours to kill in Dubai International Airport—not enough time to go on a quick tour around the city, plus it’s 4 a.m. 378 more words

Summer '15


Say it out loud. Bumblebee. Make the bum the highest note and the bee the lowest.

Smile as you say bee — and hang onto it for a couple of seconds. 9 more words



I’ve been looking through the “paperwork” I’ve amassed since I’ve been here. I keep a daily journal, as does Allen. His is pretty hilarious, revolving mainly around meals, chores, the occasional quarrel, and ironic observations about the weather. 264 more words