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How Best to Kill an Hour

One, inspect all of your fingernails—ALL of them. Slide the dirt out from beneath white keratin and flick it away to disappear somewhere on the ugly carpet under your desk. 446 more words


The Waiting Game

It’s a strange feeling to find yourself trying to kill time on a weekday. It’s rare that it happens for me unless I’m on vacation, but yesterday was an exceptional time killing day. 111 more words


How We Kill Time Between Trips

Mr. Nerd and I love (love, love, love!) to travel as much and as often as we can, but unfortunately, we’re not full-time travelers. We’re not even part-time travelers! 1,046 more words


When Does Food Go Bad?

First, we must consider, what do we mean when we say Food has ‘gone bad’?

Short of Food killing other Food or leaping out of the refrigerator or cupboard with weapons in their hands or explosives strapped around its jar or box, it’s often difficult to determine when Food has gone bad. 398 more words

AMG GTS (car portrait)

So I took this as a challenge upon myself to capture a live subject onto my sketchbook and what better motivation than the new AMG GTS. 102 more words

The Literary Lair: Star Trek - Killing Time

This week, we go back to the final frontier and boldly go into a Star Trek book featuring Romulans, Time Travel and slashfiction.

Mike Gleason

Summer Vacation

Sing it with me….

“schooooooollllll’s out for the SUMMER!”

When you grow up and get a job and you don’t have a summer vacation, you long for the days of summer. 935 more words

Summer Vacation