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April 30: Cave Point

NOTES: I somehow got it into my head that admission at Whitefish Dunes was $5, so I brought a bunch of fives. The admission price is actually $8, and with no personnel to make change (the park SUPPOSEDLY opened at 8, but when I went back at 8:30, nobody was there), I was out of luck. 78 more words

April 30: Food and Planning at Scaturo's

NOTES: I make things, and I have a tendency to pick up hobbies. One of my more recent hobbies is sewing skirts for myself.

This illustration from the previous page is of a birdhouse at… 25 more words

April 30, 2016: The Morning Drive

NOTES: At this point, I was not yet planning on sharing my notes with anyone but Sam. As a result, this page has a rather ridiculous amount of… 163 more words

A very long week 

So in order to have enough leave over the summer holidays our son is staying with my parents by the sea for a week.

No getting woken up in the middle of the night, no stropping in the shops, no mindless tv shows with talking dogs…. 92 more words

The Distractions Are Endless

Yesterday afternoon I arrived early to a bar where I was to meet a friend for drinks. Per usual I had listened to a podcast on the commute.  421 more words


Killing Time Available Now Through Thursday!

The Lovecraftian (or Twilight Zone-ish, if you ask my father) story of a man watching as time fragments around him is available for free download at Amazon… 14 more words


How Best to Kill an Hour

One, inspect all of your fingernails—ALL of them. Slide the dirt out from beneath white keratin and flick it away to disappear somewhere on the ugly carpet under your desk. 446 more words