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Learn how to #change #miles to #kilometers on #Google #Maps

Learn how to #change #miles to #kilometers on #Google #Maps.

This is a quick tutorial to re-adjust your units for Google Maps.  To do this, you just want to access Settings and change to the unit you like.   20 more words

GIS Tutorial


Subject: Need TONS of Traffic, More Sales, and More Profits, Read On… 

Have you got a great product or service, plus an effective website that’s professional and attractive, but you still can’t generate the sales volume you know should be yours? 109 more words



I see a leisurely morning drive down to the lake front to enjoy /bask in the early morning goings on of natures winged friends, the tell tale blips barely breaking the surface that says the breakfast you came to catch and prepare is warming up to the days task as are you, wait,…listen…who,s that with the musical  rift that is inspiring all the others (or so it seems) Never mind, lets just enjoy the early morning fragrances and gods inspiration.


Mustang the Icon

I never use the word Romantic except while sitting outside a Bistro sipping vino and checking the squares going about their daily, but this could be the right time for that word. 15 more words


Saab 2001,

    Still functional all these years due to timely service/maintenance schedules followed to the letter, I did notice some small blemishes that are no real problem at this time, the original owner had children, so when #3 announced his way into the world , the owner had to move up to parent mobility, the only real issue of note to me and the new owner is rims need to be replaced, years of being tag teamed by potholes and uneven road surfaces has them warped, what.. 25 more words


The Coulered Section

While going about my merry, I spotted this beautiful two-toned piece of art, I just had to put it here, such a delightful combo of colors, it may sound corny…but it reminds me of a bird with magnificent feathers at rest,I believe it to be a Porsche or jaguar…But I didn’t want to slow down to 15 mph to find out, being a stranger in a strange land.   223 more words


Christmas day, full moon and asteroid

At Christmas play at the sky. And matching two notable astronomical phenomena: a huge asteroid will skim the earth on a night dominated by a nearly full moon it will be to complete the 25th over 30 years did not have a Christmas full moon, a phenomenon It will not happen again for another two decades. 259 more words

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