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Embracing the Metric System

Numbers are universal, but units definitely are not. Well, they almost are (looking at you, United States). The metric system vs. the imperial system has already caused many roadblocks in my conversations with Germans. 739 more words

K is such a difficult letter. Kilometer. Knowledge. Kundalini

I’ve been struggling with what to write for K, which, technically, should have been done yesterday. Tying a K word to my running theme is proving difficult. 683 more words



Vorige week donderdag ben ik voor het eerst weer begonnen met hardlopen. Na een hele lange tijd besloot ik opnieuw te beginnen en het nu echt te vol te houden. 513 more words


5 steps to lease the company vehicle you really need

The process of leasing a vehicle for your company might take longer than expected as many details must be taken into account. From the lessee perspective a continuous comparison between different offers, vehicles, and conditions is mandatory, as checking pros and cons will give them the benefits their company needs.  453 more words

One million kilometers: 1979 Porsche 928

Well, the title is not ironic: this car is said to have 1,046,000 kilometers (643,000 miles) and we must say that it carries them on its shoulders very well. 120 more words

For Sale

Ever seen a snowboarder towed by a jet? Didn't think so.

Now this guy is crazy. 125 kilometers per hour on a snowboard is a bit too fast for us.