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Celsius: (adj) a scale of temperature in which water freezes at 0° and boils at 100°

I was terrified.

I had to believe it was true because my Weekly Reader printed it. 243 more words

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Bubble 5k run with brother 

Last weekend my brother and I had no intentions of running 🏃 a 5k because we didn’t sign up for one of course .However my mom had ,she had signed herself up and my sister to go run a bubble run with her Zumba class but since my sister was taking sats she didn’t wanna drive out to Sacramento to run.So my brother and I took there spots and 💥 bam we ran the 5k.Mind we had no preparation neither of us had really been working out and had been running but we ran the course which was okay not as many bubbles as we thought.They had bubbles only at the kilometer mark which where the locations that were more crowded.It took longer for us to get started than it did for us to run it we ran about 8opercent of it nonstop but walked the 20percent of it that was uphill overall it as a good 😊 experience to do this event with mY brother and I loved that it was very unexpected:)


Metric ambivalence and slices of Canadian life

Out here where it’s too north for wheat,

People use both meters and feet

The confusion rebounds

Between kilos and pounds

But can Celsius make Fahrenheit delete… 523 more words

Canadian Adventure

155 of 365

Ano pa daw ba ang magagawa nya e sumakay na ako.

Pwede naman nyang sabihin na: Bumaba ka na lang, sa Sta. Mesa na tayo magkita. 629 more words


Canadian vs American

I’m talking distance, folks! Not who has the better leader or the better health care system. This blog is about running after all (not politics – unless it’s politics as it relates this mother runner). 222 more words

Running Thoughts


              K I L O M E T E R S

1)201378565 :: 5,10,5, 10,10,10

2)201343934 :: 10,10,10,10

3)201348038 :: 10,10,X, 5, 10, 10

4)201140548 :: 10, 5… 8 more words


22. Between A Rock and a Hard Place, the Courier Pigeons Returned

Quite some time had passed; Hemma and I automatically fell into the low-profile mode for a while.  Neither of us contacted the other.  Guess we really had nothing to say and I had so many questions all at once, but I didn’t. 278 more words

Painting A Life's Canvas