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Book Review - Green Lantern Earth One vol. 1

  • Title: Green Lantern Earth One vol. 1
  • Author: Corinna Bechko & Gabriel Hardman
  • Artists: Gabriel Hardman, Jordan Boyd (colors), Simon Bowland (letters)
  • Characters: Hal Jordan, Kilowog, Green Lanterns…
  • 888 more words

Green Lantern Tomar-Tu Is Ok With Killing Criminals

Green Lantern Tomar-Tu killed a Sinestro Corps member Romat-Ru even though the latter already surrendered. It’s not the first time a Green Lantern, or a Lost Lantern, killed a Sinestro Corps member who surrendered. 91 more words


#1620: Kilowog



The cool thing about the Green Lantern concept is that it allows for a whole lot of different Green Lanterns.  Don’t like Hal Jordan?  474 more words


Guy Gardner Refuses To Hit A Kid

Gotta give it to Guy Gardner here, he stuck to his personal code of not beating up kids, even a little shit like Lor-Zod.

From –  8 more words


Side Effect Of Wearing Hal Jordan's Green Lantern Ring

So aside from making you quote senseless pilot talk, Hal Jordan’s unique Green Lantern ring also sustains the wearer through hideous injuries.

From – Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps #39


Why Amon Sur Became Evil

You know what they say about great men and their children… it becomes a burden for the kids to handle the greatness of their father. Amon Sur went on the deep end with that one.

From – Green Lantern Vol. 4 #17