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What's a Kilroy?

Baby Boomers and military buffs chuckle when they hear Kilroy’s name.

During WWII, American GIs in Europe sometimes left behind graffiti of a big nosed, bald-headed figure, captioned with “Kilroy Was Here.” The meme showed up in unexpected places and The Legend of Kilroy became a thing in military and American culture.   280 more words

Alice the Goon, Kilroy, and How Popeye Lost His Eye

If you read in a newspaper article that a South American dictator attacked a group of resistors with his goons, you would know exactly what was meant. 333 more words

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Links to Anime Season Reviews and the Battle of Gettysburg

At this point, I’d usually review the anime I’ve watched from this season and rate them from one to five stars.  This sort of season review might still come about on Medieval Otaku, but I already have reviews up for every show except  310 more words


Online - And In Your Area!

Last week, I alerted you to the PBS Online Film Festival. It’s a cool event that you can watch online – or live!

This Friday, … 106 more words

What was your first musical record?

My first actual record was the soundtrack for Raiders of the Lost Ark. Pretty interesting, it’s basically the movie on a record. Full dialog and everything. 445 more words


Great Rock Albums of 1982: Styx- Kilroy Was Here

First of all, according to Wikapedia, I made a boo boo in regards to this album from Styx. All of these years, I assumed it was released in late 1982 because I was stationed on Okinawa and later Mt. 596 more words


Short of Elegance

Today’s watercolor experiment:

The idea I had in mind when I started today’s composition was a science fictiony scene with two blazing suns at the horizon, each in the midst of a solar eclipse, a phenomenally rare occurrence on my made-up planet. 392 more words

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