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Finding Kilroy

I’m in Washington DC for business, but my real mission is to find Kilroy.

Kilroy was here. While the origins are disputed, the Kilroy graffiti is associated with American soldiers in WWII. 567 more words


National World War II Memorial

The National World War II Memorial is located on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, at the eastern end of the Reflecting Pool.  407 more words


ABC Thanks (Day #18)

Today I thank God for… (cue dramatic drum roll, please)

Roses (including their thorns), rainbows, rivers, and robots…

Roses are red
Violets are blue… 10 more words

Fun Postings

NanoPoblano Day 8 - A Scary Throwback

Tell me, what does domo arigato remind you of? For me, apart from being Japanese for “thank you very much,” there’s this frightening little bit of nostalgia, complete with Dennis DeYoung in a lavender suit. 57 more words


Inktober Day 8

Today’s Inktober is a weird little doodle I made out of coffee (I’m in a rush today). It was kind of funny to see where my brush was taking me. 15 more words

What's a Kilroy?

Baby Boomers and military buffs chuckle when they hear Kilroy’s name.

During WWII, American GIs in Europe sometimes left behind graffiti of a big nosed, bald-headed figure, captioned with “Kilroy Was Here.” The meme showed up in unexpected places and The Legend of Kilroy became a thing in military and American culture.   280 more words

Alice the Goon, Kilroy, and How Popeye Lost His Eye

If you read in a newspaper article that a South American dictator attacked a group of resistors with his goons, you would know exactly what was meant. 331 more words

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