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Always the Bridesmaid Never The Bride!

Followers of my blog may or may not be aware that my big brother got married and I was an immensely proud sister! Here’s some of the celebrations! 111 more words

Dress Up

Vow Renewal, Renaissance Style

I don’t usually shoot weddings, but a dear friend of my family’s asked me to shoot their vow renewal on the occasion of their 10 year anniversary. 19 more words


Jade Sambrook: Off with the Pants and On with the Kilt

Buying a kilt was a no-brainer for me. I am a proud nudist, and wearing a kilt to go about my daily business is the easiest way of feeling naked – or at least partially naked – in a public place, where being naked or partially naked is otherwise not accepted. 804 more words

Jade Sambrook

Three days, three ways: Wrap and roll

Outfit number three. I have mentioned this skirt before on the blog in relation to kilts. It isn’t really a kilt or a wrap, but a kind of hybrid of the two with all the detail removed. 97 more words


Looking Stylish In Tartan

Tartan is very fashionable and stylish, more designers are now using tartan in their designs more than ever before, tartan its self is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours, which is made from wool, but it’s now made from many different type of materials, tartan is heavily associated with Scotland and kilts,  tartan is called plaid in America, in 1746 tartan was outlawed to bring warrior clans under government control, tartan is now the symbolic national dress of Scotland. 569 more words


The Pike Kilt Lifter

Aahh, the implications.  Out of Seattle, a reasonably strong Ruby ale with a more traditional looking Scottish label.  Looks more like something someone from Scotland would actually make than say, Salty Scot (not that the latter isn’t amazing). 125 more words


I recently discovered evidence, in the form of the woodblock print below, that Japan was originally colonised by the Scots.

You can clearly see the Scottish influence in the clothing of the warrior figure, and I believe the bobble on his traditional comedy hat must surely have been the inspiration for the Japanese flag.

A Sort Of Joke