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Scottish Soldiers during the Crimean war.

Left to right, 72nd Highlanders Sea fourth regiment (William Noble, Alexander Davison and John Harper). Pipe Major John Macdonald, 72 Highlanders. Piper David Beard of the 42nd Highlanders, The Black Watch. 42nd regiment soldiers.


A guide to proper Kilt length.

if your kilt is above the knee…

your a boy.

if your kilt is at the knee…

your a man.

if your kilt is below the knee…

your a liar.


Look at me, I've got a snow leopard on my door!

There are a lot of beaten-up Ladas roaming the streets of St Petersburg. There are also a lot of 4×4 cars (and other more expensive cars) all jazzed-up with pictures of lions, leopards and bears airbrushed onto their sides and bonnets. 454 more words


Teen Barred From Prom for Wearing a Kilt

A North Carolina teen was not allowed to attend his prom until he changed out of the kilt he was wearing.

David Leix, wore a kilt from his late grandfather to the dance last Friday, but was turned away by organizers, … 131 more words

at Scottesque

Hello! Hope you have had a nice weekend! On Saturday Mel and I took a wee trip to Aberdeen, to visit Scottesque. You may remember that I’ve mentioned Scottesque before (in connection with the… 368 more words