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Edinburgh pics

Just a few pics from last week’s day in Edinburgh.

The Comeback Kilt -- at a Bargain

We follow @williamgarretphotography (and not just because Allison and Peggy went to high school with him in Chagrin Falls, Ohio). Bill travels the world doing fashion photography and has a great eye for composition and color.  205 more words

Só falta a saia.

Um homem não veste saias. Bem, alguns vestem. É algo cultural e não é nada que me aflija. Antes pelo contrário. Estou a falar da… 148 more words

Moda&afins/Fashion&so On

Congratulations to Chris and Sara !

Fantastic day on Saturday for the wedding of Chris and Sarah. I was attending as a guest for this wedding and so didn’t have my camera out much at all. A really great day.


Why the Kilt?

“Why the kilt?”

It’s the question that I get asked most often when I’m wearing a kilt. And you, dear reader, are probably asking that question, too.  362 more words


To Be You, or Not Be You?

OK PersonaAPP, what would you suggest I become today?
Yes, this is the latest personality modification tool that anyone over 18 years of age can easily access from the App Store, for a remarkably reasonable fee. 639 more words

Will Ye Go, Lassie, to the Highland Games?

Monday morning, I woke up with a desire to hear bagpipes. Typically, I’m not the biggest fan of bagpipe music, but I spent Saturday at the Stone Mountain Highland Games, where the playing of the pipes is as much a part of the atmosphere as men wearing kilts and tams. 1,104 more words