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Q&A with Poet and Memoirist Kim Addonizio

The Center for Publishing teamed up with the Division of Communication and Creative Media Speaker Series to bring celebrated poet Kim Addonizio to Champlain College on Monday, October 3, 2016. 937 more words


“February 14” by Kim Addonizio

This is a valentine for the surgeons
ligating the portal veins and hepatic artery,
placing vascular clamps on the vena cava
as my brother receives a new liver. 179 more words


"Lives of the Poets" by Kim Addonizio

One stood among the violets
listening to a bird. One went to the toilet
and was struck by the moon. One felt hopeless
until a trumpet crash, and then lo, 191 more words


More Publishing News!

Two more poems have been accepted for publication. I’m almost on a roll! But my head has been pulled back into politics, and so my writing has hit the doldrums. 350 more words


Happily Ever After... Okay, not so much Happily.

“Ever After” is a variant of Snow White and it is spoken from the dwarves’ perspective during the present time. Basically, this story is about how Snow White’s absence affects the dwarves. 583 more words

Student Blog


He remembered the sound of her red stilettos,
and the way her ruby lipstick slowly coming
undone by the rim of each martini glass
that she couldn’t stop kissing. 162 more words


American Life in Poetry: Column 668


I’ve had a couple of aquariums (or is the plural aquaria?), but I didn’t take very good care of either one. 258 more words