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Practising poetry

From a very early age, when I was really quite young, say about six, I made and wrote poems; to be fair most of my six-year-old attempts were as you would expect a six-year-old’s to be – but as I got older, in some ways my poetry and verse improved. 489 more words


picturing poetry

Today might be a good day to look at pictures. Here are two suggestions:

On PBS NewsHour, view a selection of photographs of poets by… 121 more words


Aquarium - Kim Addonizio

The fish are drifting calmly in their tank
Between the green reeds, lit by a white glow
That passes for the sun. Blindly, the blank… 195 more words


"What Do Women Want?" by Kim Addonizio (repost)

I want a red dress.
I want it flimsy and cheap,
I want it too tight, I want to wear it
until someone tears it off me. 237 more words


Which path will you take? Nuns, pies, postulates and bluebells...

I took a picture of this very old picture in Dundee, Scotland in 2014 with my friend, Mike Tait, giving us the grand tour of Dundee, known for “jute, jam, and journalism.” I loved the train trip to Dundee with Norah doing her homework over cups of tea, while I stared out at fields of yellow flowers and eventually the walls of Edinburgh which loomed up in the train window before going onto Dundee. 1,036 more words

Everything and nothing

I have just finished reading Bukowski in a Sundress, the ‘memoir’ of Kim Addonizio.

It isn’t really a memoir in the linear-narrative traditional sense, it is a series of essays, illuminating facets of a life via the equivalent of a short story collection rather than a novel. 149 more words


Kim Addonizio @ UAB's Writers' Series

A week from today, on Wednesday, October 19, the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Visiting Writers’ Series will be offering its second reading, featuring poet… 131 more words