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Poem that makes me think - Here, Kim Addonizio

After it ended badly it got so much better
which took a while of course but still
he grew so tender & I so grateful… 205 more words

Bukowski in a Sundress: Confessions from a Writing Life by Kim Addonizio

– I was a writer who would never be a tenured professor, a throwback writer, the kind who came to conferences and drank too much and committed inappropriate acts with inappropriate people instead of chatting up somebody who might help my career. 399 more words

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Zero Fucks Given

I’m not trying to be one of those cool sweary blogger mums, but my reality is I’m just a swearer. All the effing time. I can’t help it. 645 more words


Poetry 365: Kim Addonizio

This month for Poetry 365 we’re featuring Kim Addonizio’s eclectic new book Mortal Trash.  Filled with allusions to classic poets such as William Shakespeare and Gerard Manley Hopkins, this seventh collection from the prolific… 319 more words


Orange Cough Syrup

In the basement of Woolworth’s 5 & Dime,
my fingers trace the shape of a white glazed horse,
pink feathered mane, rose rhinestones glued
to fuchsia felted pillion, gold rope bridled.

481 more words

"Getting Older" by Kim Addonizio

Sometimes what you remember is their voices again,
coming on inside you like strung lights in your blood,
certain words they’d tongue differently
from anyone else, or your own name… 245 more words


book review: Bukowksi in a Sundress

Bukowski in a Sundress by Kim Addonizio. Penguin Original| June 21, 2016| 205 pages | $16.00| ISBN: 978-0-14-312846-5

 RATING: ****/5*

“How to Succeed in the Po Biz,” she writes: “Humans who are writers are a devastation. 386 more words