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Thoughts on: Conspiracy in the Court

(LJ 29/1/2010)

I finished Conspiracy in the Court aka Soul’s Sad Song few days ago and it went stright to my top 5 of Korean dramas. 344 more words


가시나무새 - Thorn Birds

To Watch:

Han Hye Jin as Seo Jung Eun
Kim So Hyun as young Jung Eun
Joo Sang Wook as Lee Young Jo… 918 more words

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[Gumi Fan MV] Daegil&Sulhwa_Fox Rain

Kfangurl’s magnificent review of Chuno made me go all crazy about Chuno again, and I wanted to make a fan MV of it. But too many people had already made Daegil&Unnyun, so I decided to pay attention to our forgotten lovely girl. 250 more words

Jang Hyuk

Soldier: Ep 24

After posting about episodes 21-23, I watched episode 24.  This is the first time I’ve posted on only a single episode of Soldier…I just could not wait to post about it.  537 more words

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Soldier: Eps 21-23

Yes, I’m gonna say it again.  One word: EPIC.  Soldier always boggles my mind because it is just THAT GOOD. 1,319 more words

Drama Reviews

Soldier: Eps 17-20

Soldier has gotten so good that I seriously wanted to just plow right through episode 21 and include it in this post.  Even 20 episodes in, Soldier continues to be a solid drama.  1,504 more words

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