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Kim Jung Gi

He is an amazing South Korean artist who has worked a lot for comics and has plenty of fans all over the world.

I was blown away the first time I saw one video of him drawing, it is seriously incredible, he simply starts making these huge scenes with super complex perspective in a completely blank canvas like it’s nothing, he makes it look like a piece of cake. 10 more words


City Project Influences

Whilst looking into the Hidden City project I have looked into a number of artists which I have been drawing influence, some for their chosen subject matter and others simply for their aesthetic style. 124 more words


INKtober day thirteen

October has been pretty fantastic as far as nerdly, artistic pursuits go. Watching Jung Gi do his thing, NYCC (also known as Nerd Prom, by no one) coming to town and getting all my nerd brothers and sisters all hot and bothered. 36 more words


INKtober day four and uncanny visual recall

A quick little sketch to satisfy the INKtober challenge as the lady and I watched Ernest and Celestine on iTunes this evening. Between all the Boardwalk Empires, Breaking Bads, Walking Deads and The Leftovers you kinda need a palette cleanser. 161 more words


First thing's first, I'm a realist

This is Kyle tuning in to the world.

I am a Vancouverite turned Edmonds-Burnaby resident. Looking towards living elsewhere in the years to come.

Other than taking naps and daydreaming about annihilating enemies across time and space, I enjoy tuning into different melodic soundscapes. 294 more words

Monday Bunday: Kim Jung Gi

The Koala has been mesmerized by Kim Jung Gi the savant-like illustrator. Now I am too. His grasp of plotting, perspective and proportion is phenomenal. 48 more words