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Final Review: Children of a Lesser God

When is the last time OCN has given us a really kick-ass female lead? Like…never. From OCN thrillers to OCN romances, female leads are usually in the pretty, cute, but kinda useless category. 531 more words


Children of a Lesser God: The Children

It’s only been two days since I crafted the previous post, and I’m more or less caught up on speed with Children. I must say this show is pretty intense, and its dual narratives of corruption and cult-fetish surprisingly fit very well. 412 more words


Children of a Lesser God: Villain or Double Agent?

Disclaimer: I’m only at episode 8, so bear with me if there are plot developments which will throw this post out of the window.

Up to ep8, one of the most intriguing characters in  412 more words


Children of a Lesser God: Twists, tricks and turns

Ok, this post is supposed to follow my First Impression post — like very shortly…cos I have been (willfully) misled (?) by Children on 2 counts. 437 more words


First Impression: Children of a Lesser God

I do quite like Children‘s set up, it’s OCN-ish, yet isn’t.

Main cast:

  • Kang Ji-hwan (from Big Man) as ex-Detective Cheon Jae-in. He is smart, observant, thorough — qualities which propel him to be the star of Seoul Police Force.
  • 728 more words