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Scholar Who Walks the Night – Episode 15 Review

It is going the predictable way as our heroine finds out that she is part of the secret part. Of course, it’s not that easy to get rid of Gwi as our hero is still on his way to find out how could those three elements come together. 1,016 more words


Scholar Who Walks the Night - Week 7

We have one of our good guys turned a sexy (but mindless and literally bloodthirsty) vampire this week! This aside, there is still no progress from our good guys in eliminating Gwi, and their number is shrinking as the King kills himself as he had failed in his lifelong mission in killing Gwi. 375 more words


ShortStory [ You and I - Sugar - Point of No Return]

   Pict by: Zhyuhyun

Annyeong. Aku bawa lagi short story. Entahlah ini shortstory atau songfict, aku juga bingung. Dibilang songfict ini pendek sangat. Ya udahlah terserah kalian mau anggap apa. 1,483 more words

Scholar Who Walks the Night – Episode 14 Review

It’s funny how Yang-sun doesn’t mind Sung-yeol being a vampire and when she regains her childhood memory, she becomes afraid of him. But then it’s understandable, and now Sung-yeol wants to chase her away to keep her safe. 992 more words


Scholar Who Walks the Night – Episode 13 Review

It’s the decision-making about whether to offer Yang-sun to Gwi or not. Both of our male characters have same goal but yet different opinions. It’s the matter of time who will get to do what he think it’s right. 1,092 more words


This Is Choice

Ketika Kebahagiaan Datang kepada mereka, tetapi tidak untuk dirinya. Ia hanya mencoba tersenyum melihat kebahagiaan kedua orang yang dicintainya. Tapi bukankah ia juga berhak bahagia? Lalu Bagaimana jika ia belum mendapat kebahagiaannya, sementara orang yang dicintainya sudah memiliki kebahagiaan tersendiri. 426 more words