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Aviation Advances Into the Special Forces

Who doesn’t know that Orville and Wilbur Wright are known as the father’s of the 1st airplane, whereupon they took the first flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina? 1,253 more words

Hide and Seek

HAIKU is a traditional form of Japanese poetry, three lines, no rhyme, with five syllables, then seven syllables and lastly five more syllables. The first line goes with the second and the second line reads with the last. 118 more words

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Fast Facts:

Author: Kim Troike A.K.A. Caroline Clemens

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Book: Into the Vines from the Vintage Bleu Trilogy

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Kim Troike is a female author residing in Atlanta, Georgia. 628 more words


Into the Vines

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Into the Vines

by Kim Troike

As I begin another novel it is difficult to just set aside the beautiful, and moving story of Olivier and Brie with Daniela and her triumphs of heroism. 486 more words

Bastille Day!!

Here is my poem French Blue I wrote in 2012, before I published the novel “Bleu Moon” which is included in my trilogy “Into the Vines.” Come read and visit sites you only dreamed about all the while discovering an adventurous plot involving a contemporary global theme! 292 more words

A Wonderful Decision

“Did you talk to Dad about getting my belly button pierced?” she asked. My raised eyebrows and stunned look didn’t tell her a thing. She smiled back at me and said, “After all, I passed Math.” 1,102 more words

Vineyards in Georgia

You can explore North Georgia wineries and vineyards after a short drive from Atlanta. Among some of the well known vineyards, there are also places to get away and stay overnight. 423 more words