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A dirty Toilet, some coins and a gal walk onto a flight...

This is a piece I wrote a couple of months back, which gave me the idea to start blogging.

Alrighty then. So I’m sitting here on a very lovely red-carpeted/seat covered affair that is Air Aisa, on a flight to Bali and for some unknown but surely stupid reason I have brought nothing with me for amusement.

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How Kanye Used Twitter To Make Money

I suppose those who don’t think too much about what celebs post on social media don’t notice why exactly they post what they do.

This post is to look at just who has cleverly (or not so cleverly) promoted themselves through social media. 136 more words

What's Up with Iaso Tea that all my Facebook Friends are selling?

Facebook is the land of everything!  By everything I mean, EVERYTHING!  From prom photos to to baby announcements to team everyone sucks2016, chances are you have seen someone selling some sort of product for Total Life Changes.   426 more words

Product Review - Stila One Step Correct

Colour correctors seem to be everywhere this season.  Every brand from high-end to high street (or drugstore) has a colour correcting option available which is so good. 248 more words

What's up Kanye?


“Lost out, beat up
Dancin’, down there
I found you, somewhere out
‘Round ’round there, right right there
Lost and beat up
Down there, dancin’ 270 more words

How Convergent Are You?

Convergence is when two continents oops this isn’t HSC Earth Science. Media Convergence, to me, is the process of interaction between two mediums that originally were disconnected or of texts and audiences. 399 more words

What's not fashionable?


I am feeling a tad bit better. I ran across a picture of Kim Kardashian that allegedly shows she’s had additional backside work done. I say, “allegedly,” because blog sites are not always truthful 👀. 52 more words

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