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Why Are You So Obsessed With Me ?

Méadhbh Crowley investigates the world’s revived interest in reality television and it’s stars.

Although we may think reality television is the invention of the 21st century, believe it or not the first reality television show was first broadcast nearly 80 years ago in the US. 428 more words


bodysuit crazy

So over the past year it seems as though the entire planet has gone Kardashian crazy – and who can blame them! With their crazy amount of instagram domination and their sheer ‘fabulous-ness’ everybody needs to get their Kardashian fix! 252 more words

Historic Trend Comebacks

Okay, maybe historic is a bit too drastic a word but that’s what a lot of us think when we talk about 60’s fashion trends. “History repeats itself” is a quote the world of beauty keeps on dominating and making it true. 277 more words


Look At Me...I'm Naked

Look at me I’m naked! So every once in awhile I will be scrolling through my Instagram and there it is…a nude pic!. Well sometimes I look, then sometimes I cringe like “ 347 more words


Celebrity Style Influence

 Kim Kardashian famously known for her Minimalist style, who rocks the black and white duo effortlessly.Didintle pairs black pants with a white peplum top, keeping her look up to trend while keeping it simple using neutral colours for her accessories. 157 more words


Get it Girl

Today I want to give a little shoutout to a good friend Gabrielle O’reily.

I had not seen this girl in quite a while and I was happy to see her and how much she had blossomed into a wonderful person. 248 more words


Kim Kardashian Look 2

Kim K is known for her power coat looks and I loved this one. I used just some things I had in my closet to create this look and i love it. 20 more words