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Calling San Diego County...

If you were a victim of the Kimkins scam and you live in San Diego County, you can make a major impact in stopping Heidi Diaz’s Kimkins scam.  44 more words


Send in your info....

I want to send out a resounding thanks to everyone who has sent information in to John Tiedt to assist in the prosecution of the Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit!  219 more words


The Latest From John

Here is a wrapup of the lawsuit so far that I am sure you will all enjoy from our attorney John Tiedt.



To Heidi, the Principals, my Fellow Duckies and all who are interested...

First of all, I’m angry.  So, this probably won’t carry the polite tone I try to keep in my normal, everyday interactions with everybody.  Forgive me now and let’s keep it moving. 632 more words


Lawsuit Update

1) John Tiedt has now officially taken 2 depositions of Heidi Diaz.

2) John Tiedt has now officially taken 1 deposition of Brandon Diaz

3) We have learned that while Heidi Diaz was profiting from Kimkins through the Women’s World surge et al, she was also still accepting payments and income from SSDI and Medicare. 141 more words


Reject the Refund!

If Heidi attempts to send you a refund/has refunded you and you still want to participate in the lawsuit, reject the refund!

 Paypal payments can be returned; you can send the payment back to Heidi through PayPal.  19 more words