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Westbrook Appears on Jimmy Kimmel

Thunder G Russell Westbrook is always an interesting guy to interview. Especially right now; he’s got a lot going on. He’s a newlywed who is about to begin his eighth season in the NBA. 57 more words


Trolling da Trump

This one had me laughing to beat the band this AM! The Donald and his followers trolled by Jimmy Kimmel Live –


Gamers Educate Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy recently upset the gaming community when he suggested the popular activity of watching other people play video games online is a waste of time. This resulted in an outpouring of angry comments, so Jimmy decided to sit down with popular online gamers Markiplier and MissesMae to learn the ways of the game watcher. 14 more words


Jimmy Kimmel Gets Educated

Popular TV Show host Jimmy Kimmel got himself educated on Live TV recently. After making some comments about the new YouTube gaming platform (where gamers can watch other gamers play) saying that, basically, there is no point to gamers watching other gamers. 106 more words


I Watch People Playing Videogames

… which is apparently a weird thing to do, according to a popular American comedian who has his own show in the US. I keep a keen eye on the Kotaku UK site for gaming news and deals and such, and chanced upon the articles discussing… 947 more words