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Jimmy Kimmel's "Lie Witness" catches non-moviegoers pretending to like Oscar noms

Because just saying you haven’t seen it would have been more embarrassing, right?


Cold-blooded seals on this edition of Plizzanet Earth

Snoop may, or may not, make a seriously “too soon” Bill Cosby reference.


How stoners can help California's drought by recycling their bong water

They always said the people that would change the world are the ones you’d least expect to. Exhibit A.


Fashion week or Photoshop?

The answers will surprise you… unless you like to wear this kind of stuff. Then, we’re sorry.


Throwing snowballs at people in bikinis is a great way to remind them it's Winter

Ok, L.A., we get it. It’s warm there, you’ve got a beach, it never snows, everyone’s happy all the time… On second thought I’m moving.


Wednesday Wanderings: Cumberbatch, How To Be A Successful Writer, What Not to Wear, and Upside-Down Iceberg

Benedict Cumberbatch, in a skit for Jimmy Kimmel Live, takes on a variety of names, both real and fictional, to see how well they sound if he were trying to pick up a date. 246 more words

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Morris Day And The Haim Perform On Kimmel

Following their Grammy loss to Sam Smith for best new artist, Haim appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel with funk legend Morris Day as part of the show’s “mashup monday” creating “Morris Day And The Haim” (instead of “the time”).   21 more words