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How We Connect with Jung on Kim's Convenience

Jung is the son on TV show Kim’s Convenience played by actor Simu Liu. At this point in the story line, his character is developing. Surprisingly enough, he has not had a direct conversation with his Appa (father). 667 more words

Conversation Starters for Kim's Convenience

As an educator, here are some questions to discuss Kim’s Convenience with others:

  1. Have you seen the Canadian comedy, Kim’s Convenience? Explain why you like.
  2. 63 more words

“Kim’s Convenience” 1x05 Review: Wingman

Episode aired: November 1st, 2016

It’s hard to find things not to like about Kim’s Convenience. This episode keeps up the heartfelt storylines and quirky characters as Mr. 795 more words


How We Relate to Ins Choi, Creator of Kim's Convenience

Many have seen or heard Ins Choi’s story. It parallels the story of many successful immigrants who went to the school of hard knocks before breaking through. 336 more words

"Kim’s Convenience" 1x04: Frank & Nayoung

Episode aired: October 25th, 2016

Another week, and another great episode of Kim’s Convenience. Let’s get into it.

The air conditioner in the store is broken, and Mr. 888 more words


Why We Identify with Appa in Kim's Convenience

Appa or Mr. Kim is the main character in Kim’s Convenience. It is his store and his family at the centre of the drama. Many of us draw connection with him directly. 449 more words

"Kim’s Convenience" 1x03 Recap: Ddong Chim

Episode Aired: October 18th

Episode three of Kim’s Convenience, Ddong Chim, aired last week complete with jokes and a heartfelt moment or two. I caught myself laughing out loud more times than I can count. 972 more words