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Kinderdijk - Ik hou van windmolens

Kinderdijk is a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its unique collection of 19 authentic windmills, an icon of Dutch culture known the world over and one of my favourite tourist spots in the Netherlands. 420 more words

From My Point Of View

My first (and very long) blogpost

Hi there! How are you?

This is my first ever blogpost so it feels a bit uneasy, but please bear with me and give it a chance, haha.  1,466 more words


Netherlands, part 2


Lazy Sunday! Woke up late in the morning and made brunch for my hosts, along with a cool blue chardonnay I found in the super market. 1,580 more words


Dear Dom: The Netherlands

I present the following: a blog series called Dear Dom which documents my travel experience via the postcards I sent to my boyfriend. Dom was still living in Australia whilst I was overseas, and I sent postcards to him from almost all the countries/places I visited. 206 more words


5/ Capital of Pokemon

2016.08.28 Day5



Kijkduin是海牙的一個沙灘,到沙灘前的廣場有個皮卡丘的牌子矗立,上面寫著「capital of pokemon」,意味著這裡是荷蘭的抓寶勝地,敝人短短一小時就遇到(比較特別的)化石翼龍、沙瓦郎、三合一磁怪、穿山王、永吉拉、1153比雕、白海獅,雖然沒開圖鑑但也是有回到台灣的感覺了XD





5.晚上跟家榕約在酒吧街,吃了很好吃的薯條(尤其推War沾醬!!!!),以及喝了貴森森的海尼根,隨著天候轉涼,就也速速回住處休息了;晚上是我在荷蘭第一次跨上自行車,感謝家榕司機 :)


Kinderdijk, The Netherlands

The most important aspect of UNESCO World Heritage Kinderdijk is undoubtedly the unique collection of 19 authentic windmills, which are considered a Dutch icon throughout the entire world.

Corners Of The World

Milling about

Arrived in Kinderdijk well ahead of schedule. Had a delicious breakfast including an omelette from the omelette bar. Disembarked for our windmill tour at 10:30. Windmills were fascinating. 48 more words