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When a School Takes Kindergarten Graduation too Seriously

Di depan pintu hall terbesar sebuah sekolah, anak perempuan dan laki-laki terlihat berkerumun dan mengenakan pakaian toga berwarna biru dengan tali topi toga berada di sebelah kiri topi. 357 more words



Exhaustion has set in. This always makes me more emotional. I have worked for the last 22 days with one partial day off. I do work a desk job but almost all overtime is on your feet. 658 more words

May Madness at the Duncan House!!!

Summer is almost here, school is almost out and with that comes a crazy whirlwind of stuff to do!!! The last week of April, Wendell and I went and chaperoned a teen trip with our church to NC. 462 more words

Bring on the Summer!

June started off big! Kindergarten field day and then graduation and then Monkey’s 6th(!) birthday party!

Field day was so cute. I had purposelly not signed up to do anythign but bring snacks so I could watch the games. 399 more words

Where have I been?!?!

I have been here, this whole time! Just kidding, I’ve been in the chair over there, thinking about writing stuff, but it seemed like such a chore to actually boot up the computer. 963 more words

Kindergarten Graduation and 1st Grade Promotion

The last week of school, way back in June, the boys both had ceremonies. Ewan had a Kindergarten graduation and Jack had a First Grade Promotion. 72 more words

School Functions

Graduated Kindergarten!!

That’s right, T has graduated kindergarten and will be going into the 1st grade in September. I can’t believe we made it thru kindergarten and had no major problems with him. 239 more words

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