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Comparing Christianity and "Divergent"

Wisdom teeth surgery is a gift in disguise in my book. Unable to participate in much physical activity due to four wisdom teeth being removed, I got to spend time lounging around on the couch all day without feeling guilty for having a perfect lazy day. 1,323 more words

Hiding Behind a Keyboard

There’s so much hate in the world. Like we can be happy, but the world is not happy. Our environment is dying, we are killing our neighbors, kids can’t eat, and people are having a hard time getting an education, it’s sad, so why are we so mean to each other? 392 more words


The Kindness Of A Stranger

Awhile ago, on pretty Saturday afternoon, my boyfriend and I went on a date. We went to the small lake close by and kayaked in the sun. 424 more words


One Man Can Change The World

If you haven’t heard Big Sean’s “One Man Can Change The World” ft. Kayne West and John Legend, I suggest you listen to it immediately! Even if you aren’t a fan of rap (or neccessarily Kayne West) this song has a serious message to it. 251 more words


Kind words heal. #truth

Do you know someone who is hurting? Maybe you caused the hurt, or maybe they did it to themselves. Maybe someone else caused their hurt, or maybe it’s an affliction they suffer from. 1,524 more words


Social media, my love hate relationship!

I admit it. I am old. I did not grow up with a phone in my hand, in fact mine was connected to a wall and had a very short cord. 210 more words


Sunday Reminders

Today, please be extra kind.
Lend an ear.
Ask people how are they doing.
You’ll never know if it’s their last day.

I live in a 3rd world country where depression and other mental illnesses pass of as a joke or is something that cannot possibly happen. 30 more words