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Break Your Heart

Break your heart at what breaks others. You’ll find your compassion in its best form, when you let the wounds of others, wound you just the same.


A short post for women...

I believe the Father created women to carry kind, gentle, thoughtful, loving, and caring aspects of His character. We can embrace the reality that our smiles alleviate the pain by offering hope into an often desperate world. 49 more words

I wished it happened this way...

What was that? You think I am too nice? Well, hon, you must not be from the south. You see we have this thing here that we call… 579 more words


No one is safe from inhumanity; so be #kind. #awriterslife #amwriting

                                                                           I don’t give a damn what you look like on the outside (or who you do or don’t pray to), how we treat people has everything to do with how we look on the inside.  36 more words


Walk Away

Occasionally, we get into arguments, with friends, family, coworker, etc. It’s inevitable when it happens, and you have two options to choose from. One, to argue back until you win. 281 more words

The List