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And when the war is over, the butterfly will still be beautiful...

We have all fought, we are still fighting and we will fight later on. But the question is how long are we going to continue to fight our way into life. 317 more words


Words have consequences

I learnt in science a long time ago that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. How often do we see people getting trolled or attacked on social media nowadays, especially if you are some sort of celebrity, sport person or dare express an opinion no longer though does that opposite reaction seem equal anymore. 614 more words

Grumpy Mumma

Big, Brave, Bold Sergio -- Baxter and Danny Stand Up to Bullying

Today I am sharing two new books about bullying, published by Magination Press. They both deal with different aspects of bullying and compliment each other well… 523 more words

Perfect Picture Books

Do something nice for somebody :)

It was the afternoon after I had finished my last GCSE math’s exam, my brain was as cloudy as the weather, I was exhausted with the feeling of dread and doom that was sitting on my shoulders, but relieved that it was finally over. 365 more words


A Starfish Story

Sometimes you just need one person who believes in you, your heart, your intentions and your dreams to help you keep moving forward when everyone else is telling you all the reasons you shouldn’t. 855 more words


I’ve been struggling with why I want to become a doctor. Because deep down inside, I’ve always aspired according to aesthetics. I like to isolate little parts of a whole reality and focus on that. 744 more words

Kind Gestures

I heard a song today that reminded me of a perfect stranger. The song was “Mony Mony”, by Tommy James. Believe it or not the woman’s name was actually Mony. 508 more words

Anxiety Disorders