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Forcing it

*Note: this post was inspired by the article found here.

When I was in High School I encountered real bullying. I didn’t identify it as much. 1,446 more words

Katie's Kooky Thoughts

Flicker Box Review!

Flicker Box is a candle subscription box that I’ve wanted to try for a long time. I was so focused on beauty boxes and snack boxes that this one just kept slipping my mind. 634 more words


Be a Blessing

I had never cared much for the expression, “be a blessing” to someone, but now it is all I think about. It pops into my head at random daily moments, such as when the kid who bags my groceries tells me to have a nice day. 943 more words



From “Random Acts of Kindness”

“Imagine a world.
Where people look out for each other.
Where we all pay it forward.
Where success is measured in selfless acts. 221 more words

Street Sense: Spreading Stories and Human Kindness

I’m a huge believer in eye contact. Whether it’s my boss, my best friend, or the person waiting on me when I order food at a restaurant, I will always make an effort to look whoever I’m talking to in the eyes. 522 more words

Love Conquers All

Nothing can transform a person like love can. Not even its formidable “opponent” hate.

Even when a person is full of anger, sadness, or bitterness love can thaw out anyone who may have a heart of ice. 60 more words


That Never Was (her POV)

That Never Was are two same pieces written in two different perspectives: his and her’s.

Forgetting me
Took you a second;
Remembering you
Lasted everyday. 38 more words