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Kindle Covers and butterflies

I thought I’d show off a few of the Kindle covers that I’ve been making.  I love my Kindle.  I never thought that I would as I love books, paper books, the feel of them the smell of them but there’s something so easy about a Kindle and they actually are a nice reading experience.   266 more words

Free-motion Embroidery

Kindle cover Activity..

There always seem so much to do … plan this … do that… sew this and yet somehow although that’s the bit that seems what you should be doing when you have an online shop (or two) some days you have to actually list the items you’ve been making.   340 more words

Free-motion Embroidery

Dr Who must be back on the telly!

I haven’t watched the new Dr Who yet, but I can tell it’s back on the telly. My orders for my Dr Who series have started to ramp up! 155 more words


Love books? Great!

Care for your best Friend

Starting from the first printing press in the west by  Johannes Gutenberg 227 more words

My Kindle 'Kozy'

Have you every had an idea and wanted (or perhaps needed) to act upon it in a hurry? That is exactly what happened to me yesterday. 272 more words

You're Covered

Having had ups and downs with doing my own cover design, I found this post this week – which is absolutely the most helpful information I’ve read on the subject…