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So I got my first negative review of Legacy on GoodReads...

And I wanted to address it, because for one thing, despite only being posted last month, it refers to the very first version I self-published in 2010, so pre- Inspired Quill edits. 1,063 more words


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

A hugely popular device that seems to have had success with all age groups. Store around 1,000 books on one light device. It took me quite a while to decide whether I really wanted to get a Kindle – mainly because I didn’t want to have a device I’d have to worry about on holidays – getting it wet, spilling food on it, etc. 450 more words

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review

Kindle Steals: Girl Behind Glass

Hey All! It’s a new month, that means its time for a new book to review!  As I’ve said before, if you have a book you’d like me to review, just contact me at laura.lemke88@gmail.com.   474 more words


A Sealed Fate Creates Quite the Scene


Thrillers can be so cookie cutter today, so it was nice to encounter one that clearly was not. A Sealed Fate draws readers in by setting a fantastic scene: an outsider’s view of Dubai. 240 more words