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Agnimalya Book 16, Urania's Table 2

Agnimalya Book 16, Urania’s Table 2

Selected set of human beings are scouting the universe for other homes for human race.

No, don’t be sad already, earth is very fine, especially since a large group of people relocated to Mars and moon first, and then after the miracle that happened in 2222 CE they are scattered all over the universe, looking for planets that can provide shelter for human beings, there is only one rule, that won’t/can’t be disobeyed- it has to be free from any life form with thinking capacity, if it has thinking sponges, even then as per the universal ethic created by High command in earth human beings are to leave that planet alone! 212 more words

Sharmishtha Basu

Spirits of darkness and light 2020 in Kindle

Spirits of darkness and light

The title stories of the book – Spirts of darkness and Spirits of light are same as previous issues, but remaining stories are fresh, this time the stories are mixed mood, as usual there are fantasy beings, aliens and human beings. 191 more words

Sharmishtha Basu

The child of woods 2020 in Kindle

The child of woods

Only the title story is repeated in the book the remaining are new stories. This time the stories are about ghosts, fantasy creatures and human beings. 325 more words

Sharmishtha Basu

Review: The Web

Read from April 16-18, 2017

Synopsis: In Victorian New York, seventeen-year-old Grace Knox is tangled in the web of an ancient prophecy.

The Fianna, legendary Irish warriors, have been magically called from their undying sleep to aid Ireland in its rebellion against Britain. 432 more words