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Key to Kindle Unlimited

When the Kindle Unlimited Subscription finally became available in India at the beginning of this year, I was elated and signed up immediately. A catalogue of over a million books just waiting for you like an open buffet, I dug in eagerly only to be left hungry and disappointed. 275 more words


The Prince of Thorns or the Tale of a Psycho?

*this contains spoilers for the book The Prince of Thorns*

The story starts out as a young boy experiences his mother and brother being murdered right before his eyes. 346 more words

Optimized C++

This book is a really good introduction to the ideas that you need to approach … If you don't want to read to the end of this review and you are a C++ … 6 more words

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Sports-Themed Queer YA Series an Indie Hit

The website Gay Book Reviews sums the work up nicely: “Rough, raw and violent…. Completely unsuitable for teens. You should totally read it.”.
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Yuri!!! On Ice - Episode 3

For the record, I’m writing this sober. I’m… no, you probably won’t understand a word a drunk person would write. Though I’m pretty sure that even if I’m drunk or not, I could fairly say that… 715 more words


Collected Works of a Poet Who Took Her Time

Sign up to receive a preview of each Sunday's Book Review, delivered to …. The titles and subjects in her previous book, “Easy” (2009), are fearless, … 6 more words

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I’ve started another Amazon Giveaway … three Kindle copies of A CURSE THAT BITES DEEP are up for grabs by a random drawing. No requirements … just enter.