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REVIEW: Debut novel strikes bittersweet notes

This week's read is a new release from University of Nebraska Press's Flyover Fiction series. Melissa Fraterrigo's book "Glory Days" is set in the … 6 more words

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The Nazis' Supernatural Obsession

… Eric Kurlander's book, Hitler's Monsters: A Supernatural History of the Third Reich, …. Andrew Stuttaford is a contributing editor of National Review.
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London review of books masthead

SFS publishes articles and book reviews on science fiction, broadly defined. What is the paper getting so right, Elizabeth Day asks editor Founding …
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Form follows web function [Book Review]

Form follows web function … This book posits that Web sites are more than visual design and user interface; what's truly important is a … 8 more words

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The American presidency: a job just too huge for any leader

So I couldn't have been more excited to read historian Jeremi Suri's new book, “The Impossible Presidency,” which traces how the exalted office has … 6 more words

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100 Great Songs to Publish a Book to, #30: Genesis, Sign your Life away

Arguably the best song Rutherford and Banks produced with Wilson on vocals, and they thought it wasn’t even good enough for 1997’s Calling All Stations… 130 more words