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First Night Design | Le cabinet Masson by Cristian Borghetti — my first book cover!

The image above is my first book cover, which came about because of an approach by Italian writer, Cristian Borghetti, who had come across my original, … 373 more words

Art & Design

Challenge #5 ->REVAMP<-

Yes, I am back to where I was in challenge #3. Love Me Forever by Johanna Lindsey, didn’t cut it for me just like Rosehaven… 276 more words

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Do You Like Stories About Soccer?


The Slathering of Jessica Noonan

For twelve-year-old Jessica Noonan, getting slathered up with Army-grade sunblock in a parking lot before a soccer match is just one indignity she must endure. 47 more words

Shameless Promotion

Conspiracy of Silence― “that Echoes”

Conspiracy of Silence by Martha Powers

Some stories, especially mysteries, get you thinking about half way through, who done it. The culprit is not someone introduced at the 11th hour, but usually the most unlikely member of the cast. 142 more words


Here at the wall

One of the struggles of writing is to pull from the well when it dries. I joined a secret Santa sort of writing challenge on Sff. 176 more words


GIRLS LIKE US Weekend Release & Giveaway Has Kicked Off!

Start the weekend off with a FREE EBOOK! Join the weekend release & giveaway events on either Goodreads or Facebook, follow the quick and simple instructions to enter, and you could have a free copy of GIRLS LIKE US tomorrow night! 45 more words