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Every knight must have a squire to assist him in and out of his armor, feed his horse, clean his weapons, and many other tasks. In my fantasy series, there will be a character who is a squire who is ready to prove himself and prone to hero worship. 63 more words

Husband Series book 4 is published!

The craziest of the four girlfriends in the Husband Series has finally been pinned down by the man of her dreams in this stand-alone, full length, sexily-ever-after erotic romance. 203 more words



I have finished watching another documentary about life in medieval times and learned a great deal about medieval food, particularly the diet of Henry VIII, who was both a carnivore and had an insatiable sweet-tooth (which are things I can relate to). 142 more words


Last night, I wrote a poem that depicts death’s point of view. In this poem, death will be seen as an individual rather than an omnipresent force. 66 more words

SMC Speaker Series: Debbie Cenziper

… the Landmark Case for Marriage Equality visit its Barnes and Noble site for information on the book, reviews, and an interview with Debbie herself.
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From September 28th until October 2nd, 2016 my book One Great Love is #FREE to buy on #Kindle. Is there actually such a thing as one great love? 36 more words


Under Grey Skies in Oregon

Book critics don’t like E.L. James and are ever finding snarky and more inventive ways to dis her books. Frustrated, non-selling writers that most are, James’ success and fan base must settle like crumbs in their English Breakfast Tea. 473 more words