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In the future, a man's moral qualities will be recognised from his actual appearance

In the sixth epoch (3573-5733) of post-Atlantean evolution, men will be born with bodies quite definitely expressing their inner, moral qualities. A man’s moral qualities will be recognised from his actual appearance. 180 more words


Kindly no violence…..

Blameworthy violence beware that leave.
Gone are the familiar kindness greatness kicks him.
He receives for the Uncut
Felicitation to esophagi injection Slash his tongue …. 115 more words


Would certainly You Kindly Take a look at This Box Fine art for BioShock: The Collection?

Locked in
The rumour mill has actually been overflowing with information regarding a possible BioShock compilation for Xbox One, with sellers noting it as far back as September and a million as well as another hints being dropped along the means. 25 more words


This week....it's time to LOVE ....the place you live

Love the place you live

If where you live

alarms you…..

then steal away.


and jump the gap

to dignity and love.

Find a refuge. 207 more words


A quote from Charles Spurgeon (@Spurgeon_)

No matter what good truths you have to teach, no one will thank you if you do not speak kindly – Spurgeon