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Kindness, notice people

As I walked past my desk a work I noticed someone I work with looking into space with a very glum look on his face. So I walked over and engaged him in conversation, we talked about work and then I asked him ‘how’s life treating you today?’ he responded by telling me he had some challanges at home, his mother had Alzheimers and his mother in law had cancer. 31 more words


Leaving on a jet plane 

Hansel is going to make a short side trip before he heads off to the USA. His friendly and obliging QANTAS flight attendant is going to escort him to Hong Kong next week – how cool is that! 24 more words


Kindness, pebbles in the pond

A friend sacrificed most of his holiday to help someone on theirs. I’m not even sure he recieved a thank you. That will probabably deter them from helping someone next time. 25 more words


Kindness, hate racism!

A friend of mine went to a night club on Saturday, he’s a great dancer. He was pushed and shoved on the dance floor by some drunk idiots. 31 more words