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Do nice guys finish last?

I used to wake up every morning and ask the Lord to help me to be “nice”. You see I worked in the customer service department and well, if you work with customers you have to put on your “nice” face. 1,316 more words


5th Annual Josh Burton Memorial

You say we are no longer connected
but last night I dreamt of you
I didn’t think much of it at first
for Its hard now to remember the details… 170 more words


At what cost?

I was the kid who had to study in Kindergarten. I was the kid who almost failed first grade because I had reading comprehension issues. I was the kid who went to after school tutoring all throughout elementary school. 404 more words

I'm always found lovable

I’m very pretty even when I don’t feel like it. Quite lovely and soft and pure. I carry an abundance of sweetness that is radiant in comfort. 300 more words

Leash Courtesy

My boyfriend and I were hanging out on a patio at a brewery when a guy let his dog off-leash in the sitting area.

Which would be fine.. 552 more words


It's your turn

It’s your turn to love,
If no one is there, if no one can speak it; you surely can.
It can always be your turn to love. 144 more words

Life is like the seasons...

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how life is like the seasons. We go through happy days; full of sunshine and light, where things seem to flow a little easier, people are drawn to us naturally, and well, it’s just a little lighter and more summery. 292 more words