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Our Father Cares: We Are To Do Good To Our Neighbors

When we give our lives to Jesus we can’t help but show His love and kindness to those around us. A real Lightbearer loves God with all of his heart, and his neighbor as much as himself. 7 more words


QOTD: Topic - Discovery

“Feel it, just feel it, go where your heart takes you. In humility and kindness, you will find your hearts path… Then you will discover yours.”   (Rick Mora)

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Surprise Giveback for Deserving Mum (Video)

Michelle is a mother who recently was forced to deal with some tragic news. Her 19-year-old son, Blaine, was killed in an accident where he worked. 117 more words


Our Father Cares: True Missionary Effort Begins In The Home

Do you desire to be a missionary? Do you know that God calls His people to first be missionaries where they are before He calls them to go to far away lands? 39 more words


#1. You are no better than anyone else on the planet.

The nice thing about people is that they’re all different. There are no two people who are exactly alike in every way, and these differences are REALLY important. 637 more words


Say it...

Thank you. How often do you thank people for a certain thing they do for you? Or how often you say thank you to your partner for being and sharing with you? 107 more words


Mihaly Piotr

He arrived. He’s been with us for square two weeks. He didn’t turn our world upside down. Instead, he completed it, added more colours to it. 589 more words

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