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Beyond Blessed

An angel came over to mom’s Saturday morning and shoveled. Yes, this super clean, cleared space was done with a shovel. The plow guy will be by on Sunday. 72 more words

Evening Prayer - 21 January 2017

The sun has set and the Vesper Lights flicker and glow

Another day under the weather

Connecting with dear sisters and brothers

Prayed for those who were marching… 106 more words



I’ve always felt pressure to be something great. When I was a little girl, I thought that greatness would come on Broadway, where I could share my angelic average singing voice and mesmerizing laughable dancing skills with awe-inspired crowds. 590 more words


i've come to realise

that my kindness

is like a little flower

and some people

tread on it


and other people

pluck it out

and put it

in their hair… 27 more words



yeeaahh… let’s all just agree to not do this, okay?

for those of you who haven’t had to walk this road, please allow me to humbly explain to you why this phrase can really wound when used incorrectly. 425 more words

Real Talk

Pythagoras' Teachings are Relevant Now

I want to talk about Pythagoras. He was born on a Greek colonial island, Samos, in the Mediterranean Sea, over 25 centuries ago. When Pythagoras is mentioned now, the common reply is, “I don’t like math.” Pythagoras did live according to a strict philosophy he called, historia, or inquiry.   215 more words


Compassion: Something We All Understand...and Need

Here’s the poster I made to carry in a local event to support the Women’s March today in Washington, D.C.  For compassion is a gift we all need from others and from ourselves at some point, hey, at many points in our lives. 270 more words