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[ARTICLE] Virtual Reality Video Games to Promote Movement Recovery in Stroke Rehabilitation: A Guide for Clinicians

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After stroke, people often have difficulty moving one arm and hand, but movement can improve with considerable practice. Arm movements may need to be repeated upwards of 2500 times for a person to approach his/her peak level of motor function.1 Video-gaming technology can effectively deliver engaging, high-repetition movement practice. 132 more words


Kinect Experiments

Project Info

Faculty Sponsor: CeCE

Instructional Designer:Dr. Bucky Dodd

Project Lead: Robert Wall

Project status: complete

Last updated: 01-01-2012

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Sneakpeak Yacko Latest Clip Using Kinect Xbox 360

Here is a sneakpeak music video from YACKO feat Male & Raben Rvmit ‘Heartbreaker’.

This is an experimental project, repurposing the depth sensing camera from the Microsoft Kinect Xbox360 as an accessory to DSLR camera, use the data and hacking it for captures and visualizes the world as mesmerizing wireframe forms to make a CGI and video hybrid.


Day 13 to 14 - 200 Day Lifestyle Change

Yesterday we all went to Hull to visit my beautiful sister in law. My son adores her because she is a wonderful person and adores him right back. 79 more words

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Visual Studio Debugger Visualizers for Kinect v2

During my first development tests with Kinect, I often wanted to view the frames received from the device in an image format. Microsoft Kinect V2 SDK provides Kinect Studio, which allows me to display, record, playback and debug through breakpoint the data received from the device, simplifying the development process. 255 more words

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MSTest and Kinect v2

A careful analysis of the imperfections in the code and of where it does not perfectly reflect the original design is an essential step in producing valid, functional software, which provides a high level of customer satisfaction. 395 more words

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Phil Spencer pretends Kinect never happened during interview

During a lengthy interview for Official Xbox Magazine UK, head of Microsoft’s Xbox division Phil Spencer has been repeatedly asked about the future of the… 107 more words