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Gesture Recognition with Kinect

As I started getting more interested in pattern recognition, I bumped into oneDollarRecognizer library in Processing. But as I mingled a bit, I saw that introducing new gestures was not possible. 103 more words

Capstone Proposal

Magic Mirror:

Try your outfit without having to change your cloth and share it with others for feedback!

My capstone proposal consists on creating a magic mirror that will help the user try their favorite cloth in different colors in real time. 347 more words

My Projects

Take a Spin on this Voice-Controlled 3D Scanning Rig

wanted to make 3D-scanning a person streamlined and simple. To that end, he created this voice-controlled 3D-scanning rig.

used a variety of hacking skills to make this project, and his thorough Instructable illustrates this nicely. 334 more words

Arduino Hacks

Embodied HCI: Testing the Myo Gesture Control Armband

I have quite a neat field of study, I have to say. At the same time I can contemplate matters of the digital, but also try out latest tech that’s not even officially out there for consumers. 765 more words


OXCGN's Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 Review

First it took the world by a cellular storm on the App and Play stores, now it is an enjoyable yet tiring homage to the days of the Eyetoy. 490 more words

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