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First Mover Advantage

When I was in business school, the professors crowed on and on about first mover advantage. Technological leadership. Scarce resources. Switching costs (buyers are uncertain to switch). 209 more words



Sitting here one Saturday night. You find me, for once; not playing games, thinking about games or even reading about games, but instead i am running through Spotify listening to soundtracks, specifically gaming soundtracks. 409 more words

Rigged Kinect Mesh for TouchDesigner

This has been asked for a lot – I figured I would post the content in an easy to reach spot.

Included in the zip file is the .TOE and the Blender file which shows how to rig up a human form to work with the Kinect. 9 more words


Hayo's Kinect-like sensor for your home now has an API

Sometimes I miss the Kinect. It was such a breakthrough device, yet it didn’t go anywhere. But it inspired a lot of entrepreneurs, including the team behind… 321 more words


Opinion – #Hololens, thanks to #Kinect, #SurfacePro, #Windows10 #Mojang and #Azure

Hi !

A few months ago I wrote a post where I share my personal view on how in the -not too distant future- most of the Apps that we will create will be for 3D ( 706 more words


Paranormal Tech: Kinect

If you have watched Ghost Adventures, you are probably aware of a little piece of technology called the Kinect. While the Ghost Seekers of CNY have not tried out this piece of equipment yet, we thought we would do some research on this latest paranormal item and share it with all you Paranormal Groupies! 291 more words