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Silent chiraw

A well described re-interpretation is present on the project page. Here I’ll discuss the iteration that happened while building that installation.

So as I started thinking of how to best represent that dance form I started thinking of what is a unique act in the whole dance form of “Bamboo dance” and undoubtedly it was the synchronous clashing of bamboos which creates that aura. 676 more words

Ps4 Morpheus is doom to fail according to even ps4 supported websites

The end result, though, was that publishers just ignored it; there weren’t enough people with one controller to justify development costs, but exclusively appealing to those with two illuminating sticks was suicide. 526 more words

XBOX ONE has selective hearing. - #xboxone

Do you ever feel like you are being ignored? Well you ARE! My XboxOne seems to only listen when he wants to.

Ah yes the calibration, been there done that. 57 more words


[ARTICLE] “Kinect-ing” With Clinicians: A Knowledge Translation Resource to Support Decision Making About Video Game Use in Rehabilitation


Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360 virtual reality (VR) video games are promising rehabilitation options because they involve motivating, full-body movement practice. However, these games were designed for recreational use, which creates challenges for clinical implementation. 163 more words

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Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 Announced For Xbox One

Halfbrick has announced that the sequel to its popular motion activated slice and dicing, Fruit Ninja Kinect, is coming to Xbox One on March 18th, 2015. 157 more words

Kinect Saga: All’s Well That Ships Well

I finally got a valid repair ticket for my Kinect.  The device has been packaged and easily shipped via a nearby FedEx facility.  This successful path allowed me to see, in hindsight, what went wrong and provide lessons so you don’t stumble like I did if you need to seek Xbox warranty repair. 581 more words

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