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Game Review: Kinect Fable - The Journey

Reading reviews of this game before I played it myself, I had mixed feelings about the title. But once I got through the tutorial level and the story kicked off properly, I was definitely hooked. 732 more words

Game Review

Luk- Kinect interactions - sprint 2

Sprint two followed research into kinect libraries, and  integration with openframeworks. We decide to use Kinect v1.0, due to it being easily accessible. My first problem with the available documentation, better yet the lack of. 284 more words

Commander Cherry's Puzzled Journey

I was tasked with reviewing Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey for one simple reason: I was the only reviewer available that had a working Kinect. Other than this single prerequisite, I didn’t really know anything about Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey. 1,139 more words


What I think about full body virtual reality

I just wrote a mega-article on Medium talking about how I started working with full body virtual reality, why I think it is important and what are current solutions to implement it… 68 more words

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