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A recent business trip to NY was also the occasion to fit in some art. Caught an early flight, made a quick stop at the hotel, and then straight to the Guggenheim. 358 more words

Contemporary Art

ML149: Tim Schumacher


1. Gianni Colombo , Topoestesia, 1977.
2. Gianni Colombo , Spazio Elastico Cubo, 1985.
3. Gianni Colombo,  Spazio Curvo, 1992. 82 more words


Standing spinning brass S shapes

This piece of sculpture will not stand up unless the top pieces are counterbalancing it. Sort of like life, you better keep it together through all this spinning around or you’re going to come crashing down! 44 more words


A Lot Too Much. Spinning Art of Tequila Sculpture

Superbowl parties were a tradition with a group of my college classmates for about twenty years. There was a lot of poker/partying/football and stories we keep from the children. 143 more words


Balancing Copper "S" Sculpture

Finding the balance point to make a small indent is the tricky part. The kinds of material and embellishments keep the work from being too repetitious. 34 more words


My Father's 70th Birthday Gift (Penny Mobile Art)

There is this mobile hanging in the back stairway of my mother’s house. It is a mobile made from pennies. The picture is the best I could do given the space and my poor photography skills. 252 more words


La Fée Culturelle in Art Basel, Basel

I hear lots of criticism of art fairs, but to me it’s a great forum to see as much art as possible under one roof, usually well curated. 2,081 more words

Contemporary Art