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Kinetic Drawing (12/10/17)

I was excited for this class because drawing isn’t something that comes easily to me but doing kinetic drawing allows to use big expressive movements. I decided that I was going to use different yarns from the yarn store in the knit room to help me make my kinetic drawings. 949 more words


The innovative shock absorber system from Audi

In the mobility of the future, the recuperation of energy plays an increasingly important role, including in a car’s suspension. Audi is working on a prototype called “eROT,” in which electromechanical rotary dampers replace the hydraulic dampers used today for an even more comfortable ride. 426 more words

Car Tech

Kinetics Lecture (05/10/17)

The Kinetic Behaviour of Things

Question “How can we capture kinetic movement through drawing?”

Kinetic Energy
noun: kinetic energy; plural noun: kinetic energies… 583 more words


R2 Physics 05 - Energy

I wanted to make sure the students understood gravitational potential energy and kinetic energy so I had them measure the potential energy and kinetic energy of a pendulum bob at different times during its swing.   633 more words


Electrical Energy from Stretching Yarn

by Emil Morhardt

Well, yarn, sort of. This yarn is made by twisting carbon nanotubes until they become so twisted that the coil up into a helical spring-like configuration. 302 more words

Wave Power

Death and Pejorative Vision in Charles Olson, Part 4

Death and Pejorative Vision in Charles Olson, Part 4

September 7, 2017

Ok, this post is quite a bit longer than the other ones in this series. 1,077 more words

Beat Movement

Complete Understanding of Enthalpy Part 1 - Chemistry

Before venturing into enthalpy, let’s review some basic concepts of thermodynamics.

Let’s just follow the definitions of textbook for some concepts.

Energy: the capacity of an object (or substance) to do work (denoted by w) or supply heat (q). 869 more words

Chemical Energy