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In physics, energy is the property that must be transferred to an object in order to perform work on, or to heat, the object.Or Energy is defined as the ability to do work. 644 more words

Basic Physics

EnGoPlanet lights up Las Vegas using Smart Street Lights

The city of Las Vegas, Nevada has installed the experimental street lights created by  EnGoPlanet. The main source of energy for the Smart Street Lights are solar panels and pedestrian footsteps. 508 more words



So much more than ego that was flying high
but higher that I soared lower the pressure dropped.
Feeling giddy and light from lack of oxygen, 222 more words


Notes on Potential and Kinetic Energy

Today we introduced Kinetic and Potential Energy.  Below are the notes:

Below is a sample problem.  The part in the box on the right is an explanation of the scientific notation arithmetic. 27 more words


SF Physics 09 - Potential & Kinetic Energy

We started class today by going through some of the exercises in the Science Fusion Module I workbook, Unit 2, lesson 2.  I had lectured last week about the difference between potential energy and kinetic energy so it was a good way to review.   309 more words



Salam (May Allah Bless You). Today I am bringing you guys something pretty basic but I will write down some equations necessary for not only exams but for some practical demonstrations. 1,453 more words


Kinetic Drawing (12/10/17)

I was excited for this class because drawing isn’t something that comes easily to me but doing kinetic drawing allows to use big expressive movements. I decided that I was going to use different yarns from the yarn store in the knit room to help me make my kinetic drawings. 950 more words