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Complete Understanding of Enthalpy Part 1 - Chemistry

Before venturing into enthalpy, let’s review some basic concepts of thermodynamics.

Let’s just follow the definitions of textbook for some concepts.

Energy: the capacity of an object (or substance) to do work (denoted by w) or supply heat (q). 869 more words

Chemical Energy

Am I being productive enough?

If you have read any of my posts for 2017, you have seen the pattern. This post is going to be a word that starts with the letter K. 453 more words


An Empire starship fires at Skywalker's ship

An Empire starship fires a beam of electrons at Skywalker’s ship. Each electron has an initial kinetic energy of 1.6×10−17 J. The Skywalker’s ship has been fitted out with the electrostatic shield technology for defense against electron beam weapons. 155 more words

Electricity & Magnetism.

Building a Sustainable ‘Highway of the Future’

Building a Sustainable ‘Highway of the Future’.

Just past the Alabama border, in a bit of rural Georgia filled with manufacturing plants and distribution warehouses, there’s an 18-mile stretch of Interstate 85 where new technologies are being tested for what could be a green highway of the future. 9 more words

Renewable Energy

Boundless Energy: Awesome Preschool Science Activity

This week, our marble set has been working overtime. We engineered a wall of pipes and tracks to run our marbles down, and we’ve been using it to explore how potential and kinetic energy work. 257 more words

June 2nd - June 7th - Culminating Lab

These days were spent preparing and completing the Culminating Lab. The lab involved observing the relationship between velocity and height in a pendulum while at the same time, verifying the Law of Conservation of Mechanical Energy. 95 more words

"Energy is a useful PROPERTY"

“Energy is a useful PROPERTY http://goo.gl/2Hi7mr” ~ MIT , what is a PROPERTY:

What about Properties of Properties:

The Length, Width, & Height are three most important properties in the science of measurements. 197 more words