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Building a Sustainable ‘Highway of the Future’

Building a Sustainable ‘Highway of the Future’.

Just past the Alabama border, in a bit of rural Georgia filled with manufacturing plants and distribution warehouses, there’s an 18-mile stretch of Interstate 85 where new technologies are being tested for what could be a green highway of the future. 9 more words

Renewable Energy

Boundless Energy: Awesome Preschool Science Activity

This week, our marble set has been working overtime. We engineered a wall of pipes and tracks to run our marbles down, and we’ve been using it to explore how potential and kinetic energy work. 257 more words

June 2nd - June 7th - Culminating Lab

These days were spent preparing and completing the Culminating Lab. The lab involved observing the relationship between velocity and height in a pendulum while at the same time, verifying the Law of Conservation of Mechanical Energy. 95 more words

"Energy is a useful PROPERTY"

“Energy is a useful PROPERTY http://goo.gl/2Hi7mr” ~ MIT , what is a PROPERTY:

What about Properties of Properties:

The Length, Width, & Height are three most important properties in the science of measurements. 197 more words


Specific Heat Capacity

This lesson involves the application of concepts learned (and to-be-learned shortly) to real life situations.

Demonstration #1:

Q. 2 objects are on a desk. One of them is made of metal and the other is of a plastic-like material. 134 more words

Explosion and Collision

A space probe explodes in flight into three equal portions. One portion continues along the original line of flight. The other two go off in directions each inclined at 60º to the original path. 131 more words

Solved Physics Problems

Rotating Flywheel

Delivery trucks which operate by making use of the energy stored in a rotating flywheel have been in use for some time in Germany. The trucks are “charged up” before leaving by using an electric motor to get the flywheel up to its top speed of 6000 revolutions per minute. 153 more words

Solved Physics Problems