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Day 114: I don't think I did a very good job again...

Advanced Physics:

Unfortunately, not one of the more interesting days in Advanced Physics.  The students were given about 25 minutes to finish gathering data (if needed) and then we had the post lab discussion on the kinetic energy experiment.   296 more words

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Day 113: Energy Experiments and N2L Practice

Advanced Physics:

This was not really a full day, it was an early release because of Parent Teacher Conferences.  The students continued to gather data for the energy experiment.   105 more words

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Day 112: Energy Labs and Another N2L Kinesthetic Experience

Advanced Physics:

Today we did a pre-lab discussion for the two remaining energy assets, kinetic and gravitational.  The discussion centered around how we could use the knowledge we have of elastic energy to study kinetic and gravitational energy.   263 more words

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The Next Cool Move

The cold months settle in.

We keep our heads down,
tightening our core to stay warm.
We embrace the world,
absorb the environment,
collect kinetic energy – 73 more words

Philosophical Poetry

How to split an atom

Add this to the pile of mind-bending atom qualities: an atomic nucleus has less mass as a whole than its protons and neutrons would have separately. 265 more words


Unwinding The Swatch Group Smartwatch Announcement

The Swatch Group dropped a bombshell – in its staid way – announcing plans to release a smartwatch in the next three months, potentially to coincide with the April launch of the Apple Watch. 400 more words


Hardware Notes

As you’d expect if you have been following my past work, I will be adopting a minimalist outlook for hardware design. Besides following my intended design model, it also provides numerous benefits such as lighter hardware and better durability. 791 more words

Major Project