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Into Africa with Pie Charts, Geometry, Physics, Poetry, and Pyramids

This week we traveled to the Swahili-speaking region of Africa, brushed up on our African animal facts, grew a crocodile (oh alright, it’s really a lizard- best I could do at the Dollar Store) in our bathtub, made our own Botswana dance video, did our first poem memorization assignment (“How Doth the Little Crocodile”), and explored playground physics at Elms Beach Park. 358 more words

Audi's active suspension draws power from bumps in the road

Audi has developed an active suspension system – eROT – that captures kinetic energy from bumps in the road and potholes and converts it into electricity. 65 more words


Solar Powered Phone Charger DTLV

Congratulations to the City of Las Vegas for installing a public solar powered charging station in Boulder Plaza in the 18b Arts District in downtown Las Vegas. 135 more words

Renewable Energy

Concept of Internal Energy

The energy contained in a system is called internal energy. It is denoted by U. It is the sum of following forms of energy-
(i) Kinetic energy due to translational, rotational and vibrational motion of the molecules, all of which depend on the temperature, 170 more words

Chemistry :)

PhET Collision Lab

Simulate 1D and 2D collisions and see conservation of momentum, conservation of kinetic energy, and more

Applets / Interactives


We enjoyed making these last weekend. I have tried flying fish with my children before now, which are great fun. Just make a slit in the end portion of a strip of paper, and one on the other end but on the other side. 200 more words


In this paper, the air turbulent flow in coaxial jet burner is investigated numerically using the Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes (RANS) modeling approach. 3D computational fluid dynamics code (CFD) has been used and the gas phase equations are solved using the finite volume method. 78 more words