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reclined on
a bed of nails
sharpened spikes
evenly distributed,
i entrust the safety
of my body’s unmarked skin
to the holy force of physics… 31 more words


The Way the Cookie Crumbles

I do not know what my fascination of chaos is, but I am here to put into words what is right now a chaotic state of being: that is, I am here to rearrange what is right now an uncertainty. 1,120 more words

A planet X around a star S

The diagram shows an approximate orbit of a planet X around a star S.

Which of the following statements is false?

(a) The planet moves in an ellipse with the star at one focus. 210 more words


Reflecting on my Worst Lesson of the Year...and What Still Worked

[If you desire you can see the worksheets and initial reflection associated with this lesson here.]

Have you ever watched ice melting? Yes? 551 more words


Arrow Selection: Some Considerations and Choices

When it comes to nerding out about archery gear and archery science, I’m guilty as charged. One of the most important considerations in putting together a bowhunting rig (and a topic that stimulates a lot of conversation) is arrow selection. 2,041 more words

Human-Powered Helicopter

A student builds a human-powered helicopter (HPH). It is a helicopter powered by one person carried on board and the power is generated by pedaling. 290 more words

Interesting Physics

Testing the Xpult

5th Graders have been working hard using the Xpult in December. Students are collecting data by testing 4 different variables; the launch angle, number of rubber bands, the pull back angle, and the kind of ping pong ball.   62 more words

5th Grade