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You will begin to feel that your taijiquan practice goes beyond simple form training, and you will be able to perceive things as energetic combinations, rather than as static physical objects. 34 more words

Farewell to the Kinetic King

Five years ago I was in a completely different place in my life. I had just been hired as a parapro in a K-3 building library, but I had a job that was exciting and a bit strange. 329 more words

Americas Got Talent

Revise Energy Part 1 (eduqas GCSE Physics)

  1. Write down three times the equation to calculate the kinetic energy of a moving object.
  2. Rearrange this equation for mass.
  3. Rearrange this equation for velocity. Hint: There is a square that needs rooting somewhere!
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Balloon propulsion

Here we have another experiment about potential and kinetic energy that followed on from THIS one. This time it is Lego cars powered by a balloon. 74 more words


Potential and kinetic energy with LEGO

Who doesn’t love LEGO? It is just as fun to learn using LEGO as it is to build with it. We have Some LEGO education products and really enjoy them. 203 more words


Numerology - I

It’s time to put some numbers on the formulas of statistical mechanics to bring home just how fantastic the goings on inside our cells actually are. 880 more words

Chemistry (relatively Pure)