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When the Cold Wind Blows

In the early morning march,

with my fieldpack on my back,

with an aching in my heart,

and my buddies full of sweat,

I’m a long long way from home, 485 more words

#4 What is the Universe made of: Part II - Energy

Thing about the word. What comes to mind? Fire? Lightning? Coffee? The very thing that makes you get up and start your day?  Energy is everywhere. 872 more words


Potential and Kinetic Energy Lesson Plan

This lesson plan is a great resource when planning instruction on kinetic and potential energy. It has the students looking at the things they do in their everyday lives and determining whether or not it uses kinetic or potential energy. 22 more words

Energy, Motion And Forces

Energy in a Roller Coaster Ride

This simulator is a great resource to use while teaching the difference between kinetic and potential energy. The simulator shows a roller coaster running on a short course. 67 more words

Energy, Motion And Forces

Into Africa with Pie Charts, Geometry, Physics, Poetry, and Pyramids

This week we traveled to the Swahili-speaking region of Africa, brushed up on our African animal facts, grew a crocodile (oh alright, it’s really a lizard- best I could do at the Dollar Store) in our bathtub, made our own Botswana dance video, did our first poem memorization assignment (“How Doth the Little Crocodile”), and explored playground physics at Elms Beach Park. 358 more words

Audi's active suspension draws power from bumps in the road

Audi has developed an active suspension system – eROT – that captures kinetic energy from bumps in the road and potholes and converts it into electricity. 65 more words


Solar Powered Phone Charger DTLV

Congratulations to the City of Las Vegas for installing a public solar powered charging station in Boulder Plaza in the 18b Arts District in downtown Las Vegas. 135 more words

Renewable Energy