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Can we reuse the energy we produce while doing sport?

Wie soll diese Wirkung erzielt werden?

Wir wollen in einem schön dargestellten, selber erstellten Video, unsere Erkenntnisse darbieten und auch den Sport und die Nachhaltigkeit, die mit Bewegung erzielt werden kann, schmackhaft Machen. 9 more words

Energy Concepts

An Hour on this Bicycle will Power your House for 24 hours

Just imagine that you can workout for one hour at home, and that workout will generate enough power to supply your house of electricity for 24 hours. 48 more words


Consider a Tree

Watch a tree sometime.  A slight breeze will get its branches moving and the leaves fluttering around.

We know from our elementary science classes that all of the energy that goes into allowing a tree to grow comes from photosynthesis.   79 more words

Can the integration of kinetic flooring contribute to a reduction in energy costs whilst raising awareness of renewable energy?

(Pavegen, Fig. 1, 2012)

1.0 Abstract

1.1 Summary of Energy Harvesting Floor Systems

Technology has advanced vastly within recent years and it is difficult for the human to keep up to date with the many new innovative products on the market. 1,423 more words

Collisions in 1-Dimension and the Conservation Laws Associated with such Collisions

please complete excel chart and add a graph of the data Thank you.

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What is Energy?

What does it mean if you have a lot of energy?

  • For students it means you can run around, lift weights and scream.
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Topics in Physics - Mechanics: Applying the Ideas of Momentum and Impulse

For this post, I’d like to continue to discuss and solve some problems from Young & Freedman’s University Physics, specifically from chapter 8. Chapter 8 mostly deals with momentum, impulse, collisions, and changes in energy. 867 more words