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Street and highway art

Epifanio De los Santos Avenue or EDSA

  In a street in Makati city

Facade of a high school in Quezon City


Planetarian: The Reverie of a Little Planet Review

This month, I will be reviewing a kinetic novel called Planetarian by Key, which has quickly become my favorite company that produces VNs. A kinetic Novel is a genre of visual novels in which there are very little to any interaction/choices to be made and is far more focused on providing a quality narrative. 513 more words


K is for...

Kinetic energy.

n. Energy that a boy possesses by virtue of being in motion. (changed slightly from the actual definition)

I’ve written about it before and I’m going to write about it again because it’s that true. 391 more words

300 Days of Beer - Day 63

Day 63 – 11th April 2015

It’s Grand National day, Boat Race day, and more importantly, mobile phone upgrade day. Trying to contact EE to get a new-er phone has proved frustrating and just plain infuriating. 66 more words

300 Days Of Beer