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Kinetic To Collaborate With SWM Motors

After a break of 30 years, SWM Motors will be coming back to the market, fortunately in India too.

Since long ago, Kinetic has been manufacturing engines and various motorcycle parts for its collaborated bike retail chain theĀ  Motoroyale. 168 more words

Shadows at the Tinguely retrospective at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam

Shadows at the Tinguely retrospective at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam

Mimi Blogger Team visited the Jean Tinguely exhibition ‘Machinespectacle’ at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam the other day. 121 more words


Arts Month!

Free outdoor open-air concert.

February is one of the best times to be in the Philippines, especially Metro Manila.

It is when Arts Month is celebrated with all sorts of interesting activities and events.

Photo by J.

Quezon City


DIY Kinetic Sand

I had a lot of hope for this program, and used a recipe that I found on pinterest. I ordered fine play sand on Amazon that was close to $20 for a 25lb box. 168 more words


AlligatorMobile in Motion (click arrow)

Finally finished, delivered and installed this for a friend!

This mobile is about 2-3 feet long and cut from weathered copper. I’ve made a few of these over the years. 19 more words



Important points :-

1:- Kinetic energy (KE) doesn’t depend upon direction of motion & it is never negative.

2:-As velocity is a frame depend quantity therefore KE also depends on reference frame. 333 more words

Act of Cyber Disobedience

Through the ages, wars have been fought through physically crossing the borders into the foreign territory, deploying troops thousands of miles away from home and spilling blood. 535 more words