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The hawk has details to be added too

scoops and aerials on the engine cover

to get it looking right

around the tail area

some strakes The tail fin actuators are just a test fit at this stage… 8 more words

Model Making


A lot of the protuberances on the Kinetic Alpha Jet are separate mouldings to allow for the different versions offered

hence all those gaps in the fuselage… 60 more words

Model Making

The token Venice-themed mall

The token Venice-themed mall in the country,

as there is one in, say, China, India, and Qatar.

Taguig City


Flaps Extended

On the hawk the wing breakdown is completely different

A one piece lower section To which the upper sections are added

and the flap actuators, two sets are supplied for the two different options… 27 more words

Model Making

Flaps Down

Work has progressed to the wings

four pieces make up the main wing of the Alpha Jet

Which fit together very well, and the flaps can be modelled retracted or extended… 50 more words

Model Making

Brakes off

Unsurprisingly there is no option on the Airfix Alpha Jet to display the air brake open

but there is on the hawk, so I will.

Model Making

Brakes on

The kinetic Alpha Jet has optional parts for the air brake

I am going for these which will be displaying the air brakes in the open position

Model Making