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Science at Cambridge: Chemistry

While at sixth form, I attended one of the Cambridge subject masterclasses for Natural Sciences – which gave me the opportunity to learn about the course and take part in lectures and lab classes at the university. 473 more words


Standing spinning brass S shapes

This piece of sculpture will not stand up unless the top pieces are counterbalancing it. Sort of like life, you better keep it together through all this spinning around or you’re going to come crashing down! 44 more words


Orange Circle Mobile. Kinetic Art Video

Bright orange! No black on this one.

There are five or so new circle mobiles from last winter that are being finished and painted now that the weather is better for paint to dry. 168 more words


Energy: Potential & Kinetic

Kinetic energy is a form of energy. Kinetic energy is the energy of motion so a rolling ball would be a form of kinetic energy. It’s opposite twin, Potential energy is the energy stored up. 52 more words


Kinetic Text Project

Working with kinetic text and flow. I used a scene from the Lord of the Rings trilogy and set their monologues to text. Done in Adobe After Effects.


☁ Seagate Open #Storage Vision - #Cloud

With today’s relentless growth of unstructured data, businesses large and small are challenged with cost-effectively storing data while using a traditional storage architecture rooted in layers of complexity and cost. 1,086 more words