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The BBC made my daughter cry

I’m so cross with the BBC today. For the past little while we’ve watching the BBC TV series, Merlin. It is a wonderful, family-friendly production of the King Arthur legend but told from the point of view of Merlin and starting from before Arthur becomes king. 280 more words


Finding King Arthur's Camelot

In order to interpret the metaphors contained in ancient myths, one has to first of all understand that they were meant to act as mnemonics, and so they were based on characters that our ancestors drew in the stars over their heads.  1,867 more words


Who'd Have Thought It

A Community Healing Project

When Suzanne Thomas told me in the latter part of last year that she was going to knuckle down and finally write… 2,389 more words


Se Rihtcynn Wælmist Arthur

Thusly be the true death of Arthur:

Thine blade of lore, Excalibur,

Did not unsheathe from the Lady’s hand

But was pulled from a stone… 838 more words

Review: Fate Worlds - Camelot Trigger

Questing knights fight a posthuman AI threat across the solar system in this Fate World that sets gonzo to Flash-Gordonesque and gives a great mixture of options at a carefully curated level of complexity. 730 more words

In the Path of an Eclipse: Really Dark, Kind of Weird, and Definitely Goofy-Looking

In my corner of the world, we have a very exciting event coming up. If you’re in the US, and particularly if you are anywhere along the line from about Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina, you’ve probably heard about the total eclipse we’ll be witnessing on Monday, August 21. 853 more words



MERDEKAAAA!!!! Yupp, bertepatan dengan Hari Ulang Tahun Republik Indonesia, terlebih dulu saya ingin mengucapkan Dirgahayu RI kepada segenap Rakyat Indonesia. Semoga semakin berjaya dan mampu berbicara di tingkat dunia, sehingga dapat kembali ke khittohnya sebagai Negara dan Bangsa besar yang Bermartabat, amiin. 372 more words