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King Arthur: Is He Historical?

Filmmakers telling stories about King Arthur have a basic choice to make; do they set their film in the period between 1200 and 1500, which is when the literature about King Arthur was flourishing (knights in shiny armor, tables without corners, Grail-shaped beacons, etc), or do they set their film at the end of Roman Britain, which is the historical context for the legends of King Arthur? 2,550 more words


Since today’s quote is from the movie King Arthur, I am using Clive Owen for the picture. Please either enjoy it or forgive me 😉

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King of Ages is Available Now!

For those who are interested, the short story anthology titled King of Ages: A King Arthur Anthology by Uffda Press is now available in Kindle format on Amazon. 61 more words

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Check Out the New Holy Grail Pops by Funko

Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government, but it makes excellent fodder for a Monty Python skit. 95 more words


Merlin's Darkness Part Two: Merlin's Choice

A continuation in the Merlin’s Darkness Saga…

Merlin stood, watching as Lancelot and his men journeyed into the forest. He smiled as the last knight’s horse disappeared into the leaves. 1,169 more words

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More things are wrought by prayer

Than this world dreams of.

~ Arthur, in The Passing of Arthur by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

I found Him in the shining of the stars,

I marked Him in the flowering of His fields,

But in His ways with men I find Him not.

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