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King Arthur, Balyn and Balan

King Arthur was challenged by King Ryon, who demanded that Arthur send him his beard, to trim the edge of his cloak. He had defeated and taken the beards of twelve other kings. 310 more words

Year 5

The Tale of Sir Galahad & Sir Lancelot

Two knights of the Round Table who became two very best friends

*some liberties taken with Arthurian Legend, bear with me* 890 more words

King Arthur, The Two Swords

Uther Pendragon had a baby with the wife of his former friend. Merlin took the babe away, and his parents never saw him again – no one knew what became of him. 511 more words

Year 5

"Legitimate" Literature And The Broken Reading Curriculum

Fall has arrived! And it’s the time of year when we all go back to school, and we hatesssss it. So in honor of our collective misery, I’d like to pick at an issue that I have with school, and that’s specifically with its reading curriculum, … 693 more words

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Here's My Keys

“I will do my utmost to protect your home, feed your cat, and water your plants while you are on vacation – thank you for trusting me with this honour”

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King Arthur's Court Toy Store Toy Hunt

King Arthur’s Court Toy Store Toy Hunt! This store is a specialty store located in Ohio. My Sister and Mom stumbled upon this while visiting a local coffee shop. 225 more words

King Arthur's Reign -- Blind Guardian, Grave Digger Fall Tour Pays Homage to Legendary Ruler

Editor’s Note: My husband Brian writes his second post for The Stratton Setlist about the Sept. 20 Blind Guardian and Grave Digger show at the Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac, Mich. 746 more words