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Power on the YBR. Who has it, who wields it and where does it come from?

Other than “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” one of my favorite books from childhood was T. H. White’s “The Sword in the Stone.” (I believe I first read it around the same time I read Baum’s “Wizard of Oz.) I believe I liked the book because it satisfied this urging I had for magical powers. 375 more words

Leaf and Flame: Getting started

A pre-panic lunch at the Queen Anne is traditional. By this point in the proceedings, however,  some stomachs are not at all cooperative, only being willing to be fed out of necessity. 442 more words

Silent Eye Annual Ritual Drama Workshop


Sorry, but I just felt like saying it out loud. I am writing again. I’ve started working on the follow-up to “The Cooper’s Son,” which is, unfortunately, still looking for a home. 161 more words


Where Did You Get That Idea?

If you write fiction—maybe if you write nonfiction, too—you’ve probably been asked the question before: Where did you get that idea? Some answers come to mind. 665 more words


Dark-Veiled Foul Hag: Lady Ragnell Speaks. Foliate Man Part Two

Cursed! Crouched in crunching bones and cruelly deformed face! Left, at the whim of a power greater than I, to limp haltingly through the Enchanted Forest, searching for a true and chivalrous knight. 844 more words

Silent Eye

Review: Song of the Sparrow - Lisa Ann Sandell

The legend of King Arthur and his knights has had a profound impact on English literature. From Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur (1485) , … 659 more words


Reciting My Own Poems

David Russell Mosley

Feast of St. George
The Edge of Elfland
Hudson, New Hampshire

Dear Friends and Family,

In this short video to you all I recite three poems I wrote about two years ago. 8 more words

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