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Williams — Conversations at Little Gidding

Williams. A. M., ed. Conversations at Little Gidding. ‘On the Retirement of Charles I.’ ‘On the Austere Life’: Dialogues by Members of the Ferrar Family… 14 more words

17th Century

Este — Charles I at Little Gidding

Este. “Charles I at Little Gidding.” Notes and Queries 8th ser., 7 (1895): 321–22.

17th Century

Acland — Little Gidding and Its Inmates

Acland, J. E. Little Gidding and Its Inmates in the Time of Charles I, with an Account of the Harmonies Designed and Constructed by Nicholas Ferrar. London: SPCK, 1903.

17th Century

Almack — Bibliography of the King's Book

Almack, Edward. A Bibliography of the King’s Book, or Eikon Basilike. London: Blades, East & Blades, 1896.

17th Century

Are you a revolutionary?

If you had lived in the 17th century would you have backed King Charles I or Oliver Cromwell during the Civil War? For a bit of fun why not answer these questions and find out? 421 more words


And I joined in with an egg!

We only ever get one first book launch. And for Mike Penney with his brilliant poetry collection Where Silence Deepens, and me with my collection of poetry and prose… 332 more words


The King's Head Pub, Galway's Latin Quarter

The Kings Head dates back over 800 years with research showing the building in existence since the 13th century. The building was the home of the Mayor of Galway, Thomas Lynch Fitz-Ambrose. 380 more words

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