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The Monarch of Venom - King Cobra

As I’m sure all of you know, the king cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) is a very dangerous and venomous snake. It is a member of elapidae so its fangs are fixed instead of hinged like a viper’s. 845 more words


The King Cobra

This comic is a prime example of why it took my friend and I three years to write our first novel. Back then we would meet every Wednesday night after work, and after stuffing our faces with burgers and a root beer at Bdubs, we would go back to my studio apartment, sit down to read each other’s work, edit the pieces together, and lay the tracks down for where we wanted our story to go. 209 more words


Slothin' it up

I apologize. Posts haven’t been coming on any sort of schedule or even semi-regularly. I do love blogging and I am trying to keep up with it. 1,128 more words


King Cobras

King Cobra Ophiophagus hannah in situ, Opha018. This is 3.4 m male found opportunistically by Colin Strine, crossing main road in the reserve. Snake was captured and implanted with radio transmitter. 46 more words


Why some venomous snake have rounded pupil ?

In  my  last   post   I   mentioned    most   venomous   snakes    have    slit   and   elliptical   pupil.  There   are    exceptions   like   the   King  Cobra .    Unlike    Russell’s  Viper     the   King  Cobra   has   rounded   pupil  and   King   Cobra   is     highly   venomous  .   214 more words


Morning Femmetation: When Ponds Attack!

Today began as really lovely day. A morning perfect for making the kitchen sing in delectable mouth-watering aromatic harmony. For reveling with the joyful folks across the pond at news of the… 321 more words

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