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Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park: A Kaleidoscope of Fauna

Being a nature lover I was very keen to visit the Rajiv Gandhi zoological park situated in Katraj near Pune city. Managed by the Pune Municipal Corporation… 340 more words

Katraj Lake

The Snake Man

Florida Sites We Have Seen

In the seventies and living in South Florida my wife and myself took a trip to the Miami Serpentarium Laboratories. There Bill Haast had a place like a mini zoo plus an area where he milked venomous snakes. 429 more words

King Cobra cluster - M67

This open cluster  is visible to the naked eye, at the moment it is nearby to Jupiter so is very obvious in the night sky.  I have seen this on my planetarium applications over the years and  often wondered why it is called ‘King Cobra’, well after imaging it, i’m still none the wiser!

Deep Space

Translocation: A Death Sentence

Bangalore urban receives an average of 30 emergency calls on a daily basis, concerning wildlife rescues in the city. The animals in need is most commonly a bird or a reptile with the occasional call about a wild cat or other mammals. 576 more words

Wildlife Management


by Dave Hanks

Venom is actually saliva that contains powerful digestive enzymes. When we eat; our saliva, in addition to lubrication, starts the digestive process of starchy food before it reaches the stomach. 312 more words



The first animal that I saw in the Shencottah Gap (way back in 2008) was a young python trying to cross the NH-208 highway. A bad decision, because this highway is one of the major routes taken by the 50 million+ pilgrims who visit the… 656 more words