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"Welcome Home!" Said The Cobra: Snake Terrorizes Loft Residents in Downtown Houston

Ethan Shear was just arriving home to his luxury downtown Houston high-rise after a long day at work.

“I turn the corner I hear a guy scream ‘watch out,’ and there’s a cobra,” Ethan said.

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Ophiophagus hannah

  • ოჯახი: ასპიტისებრნი (Elapidae)
  • გვარი: სამეფო კობრები (Ophiophagus)
  • სახეობა: სამეფო კობრა (Ophiophagus hannah)
  • ქვესახეობები: არ არსებობს
  • მაქს. ზომა: 5.7 მეტრი
  • შხამის ხარისხი: ძალიან შხამიანი
  • სიცოცხლის ხანგრძლივობა:
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ასპიტისებრნი (Elapidae)


Recently we recapture one of our radio tracked King Cobra. It is subadult male that spends most of his time in human dominated landscape. We recapture this snake after 6 months to check on his body condition and transmitter. 55 more words

King Cobra

The Monarch of Venom - King Cobra

As I’m sure all of you know, the king cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) is a very dangerous and venomous snake. It is a member of elapidae so its fangs are fixed instead of hinged like a viper’s. 845 more words


The King Cobra

This comic is a prime example of why it took my friend and I three years to write our first novel. Back then we would meet every Wednesday night after work, and after stuffing our faces with burgers and a root beer at Bdubs, we would go back to my studio apartment, sit down to read each other’s work, edit the pieces together, and lay the tracks down for where we wanted our story to go. 209 more words