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Ford's Mustang II: Tragedy or Triumph? - Autotrader & No, the Ford Mustang II is not a re-skinned Pinto - Hagerty

Now at the risk of being controversial I actually liked the Mustang II and worked on them back in the day. I felt it was a bit of a return to the original concept of the uncomplicated parts bin type car from the 60’s.  65 more words

Ford Mustang

Cultural Views on Snakes

It’s late spring/early summer in the Northern Hemisphere which means snakes and other reptiles are once again active. This past week, I had multiple encounters with beautiful snakes in my sister’s yard here in North Carolina where I’m visiting. 1,373 more words



Cobra: (n) a highly venomous snake

Trying to maintain my status as a man of faith, I often find myself wading through some murky swamps of religious jargon. 247 more words

C Words

Astro Boy vs King Cobra

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Suggested by Destroyer Astro Boy has always been a pretty fun character. His power is incredibly high and that’s why he has been said to possibly be even stronger than Mega Man. 48 more words


#1651: Serpent Society



“The leader of the Serpent Society, Klaus Voorhees uses powerful venom to strike down his enemies.”

Okay, let’s just get this out of the way up front: this figure’s name is kind of silly.  537 more words


Mother Nature

Before coming to Lanta I read a lot about animals that can be seen here. I am not overly nervous around wildlife but I wanted to be prepared for spiders as big as cows. 56 more words


That Moment in WWE Wrestling History That Scared Every Kid Watching

I don’t care if you were the toughest 11-year-old on the block. When this moment came out of nowhere during the Saturday morning program Superstars of Wrestling, you were shook. 611 more words

Nightmare Nostalgia