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REVIEW: King Cobra

There’s plenty of “period” footage in Justin Kelly’s “King Cobra” to date the film back to the mid-2000s. Videos have that digital grain from the middling quality video camera available at the time. 293 more words

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King Cobra (2016) ★★★ (out of 5)

It’s a shame that this well-acted indie ends up often playing like a television movie, since at its heart it’s a gritty, violent tale of exploitation and greed in the gay pornography industry, which is an interesting, unique setting for a crime thriller. 38 more words

Thirsty King Cobra drinks from water bottle

A large King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah), caught in a drought has been filmed drinking peacefully from a water bottle. Villagers from Karnataka’s Kaiga township offered the thirsty snake a drink, when it entered the village and headed for the water dispenser. 31 more words


Drought Leads Deadly Cobra To Sip From Water Bottle

King Cobras are not known for being the cute cuddly kind of creature and yet when you see this video you realize even snakes can sometimes give you an “aww” moment. 22 more words


The View from the Trailer Park: 20/20 – Magical Misfits, Fearless Franco (King Cobra)

Written by: Daniel McDonald

I know I will probably never “catch up” (hell, I barely know how to “catch on”) to everything that has and is traveling the electronic highway, both information and entertainment-wise. 698 more words