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Peter The Wild Boy

In the summer of 1725 an uncouth youth was found in the forest of Hertswold near Hameln in northern Germany. It was thought the boy was aged about 10 years old though he walked on all fours and fed on grass and leaves. 2,109 more words


NPR Draws Online Ire After Tweeting ‘Declaration Of Independence’


NPR Draws Online Ire After Tweeting ‘Declaration Of Independence’

July 5, 2017 3:34 PM

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Happy Secession Day!

Happy Secession Day! On July 4 of every year here in the not-so-United States of America, some of us remember how our patriotic ancestors bravely lit off sparklers, waved British flags and sacrificed so much in order to barbecue a few hamburgers in honor of good old King George. 165 more words

Monday Musings (June 26, 2017): King George or King Jesus?

(Picture taken moments before the events narrated below).

On a recent afternoon I took my three children and my niece to the park. Well, two parks actually. 317 more words

Kyle Rapinchuk

Hamilton – An American Musical: The Facts Behind the Music, Part 4: “Farmer Refuted” and “You’ll Be Back”

The sixth and seventh songs of Hamilton – An American Musical are “Farmer Refuted,” and “You’ll Be Back,” the latter in which King George III makes his first appearance in the musical. 1,093 more words

Current Events

Why is Kingsway the only Edmonton road without an 'avenue,' 'street' or 'boulevard'?

It’s Edmonton’s only road without a street, avenue or boulevard; it’s just “Kingsway” and it got its name 78 years ago on June 2, 1939. 284 more words