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Trading in Food

Elthea was a widow of ten years. Alone with no one to give her love to, she put it all into her cooking. She’d just finished baking Shepherd’s Pie when she encountered the faerie. 218 more words

Short Fiction

GW to KG - Wassup?!

It seems only fitting after sharing some of Jane’s recent writing, that I should share some of Daryl’s. Eighth grade history with a bit of a flair! 166 more words

Daryl (The Middle)

Fun Facts and Inspiration for November 27

Fun Facts and Inspiration for November 27


 “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”



Did you know that…

 In 1953 Swanson Foods colossally miscalculated the amount of turkeys to prepare by 260 tons  for Thanksgiving that year.  225 more words

Fun Facts

A Very Important Letter of Recommendation

Three months after the picnic in Hyde Park, Europe was engulfed in war. Britain was constantly in battle and they were desperate for American support. A sense of friendship was solidified during the royals’ last visit to the United States, as Britain was no longer seen as the home of colonial rulers. 303 more words

Hot Dogs for Royals

With each royal visit to the United States more historic than the rest, this one sticks out in history because of a hot dog lunch, but more about that later. 390 more words

American Troops at Buckingham Palace 1910-1919

This video dates back between 1910 and 1919, when King George V was in power over England. The footage shows the monarch observing and reviewing American troops as they parade around London. 283 more words

Peter The Wild Boy

In the summer of 1725 an uncouth youth was found in the forest of Hertswold near Hameln in northern Germany. It was thought the boy was aged about 10 years old though he walked on all fours and fed on grass and leaves. 2,109 more words