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3/14/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I worked at Magdalena all day.  I even stayed late for a school budget meeting.  The budget meeting was all bad news, but we will press on. 93 more words

Social Events

#OTD in 1917 – Louisa Nelson is honoured with the medal for heroism during Easter Week 1916.

According to the Sinn Féin Rebellion handbook (pg. 259), she tended to ‘wounded officers and men’ during a battle on Mount Street Bridge. ‘Miss Nolan went calmly through a hail of bullets and carried water and other comforts to the wounded men,’ the publication notes. 70 more words

Irish History

Black History Month: Day 23 - The First American Patriot

First and foremost, I know that Black History Month was over, but I dedicated myself to do 28 posts about Black History, so I’ve got 6 more posts to do.   619 more words

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Hymn to Evening

I’m going to tell you a very sad and very wondrous story. A little over 250 years ago, when America was still a colony of England, a young girl about 7 years old was abducted in West Africa by men who took and sold human beings for profit. 915 more words


So which, if any, is the correct question word?

Not Why,
because it drives us to despair

But How,
despite of Why

observe How
it happened

continues to happen
and will happen.


Cue Card: The Forgotten Horse?

We had confirmation last night that Cue Card will head to the Gold Cup at Cheltenham, with the ongoing debate of a shot at the Ryanair quickly halted. 746 more words

Diary of a Wimpy Adult: January 17th, 2017

I woke up this morning… to a flat tire.

I guess a week on California roads, which resemble the roads of some Third World Countries, was enough stress for one of my tires to pop. 552 more words