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Music: the Great Divider

A few years ago I was taking a seminary class in which I was assigned to read James White’s The King James Only Controversy.  I would highly recommend that book to anyone who is interested in understanding why much of the English speaking church has gone away from the King James, and why the claim is made that more modern translations are more reliable and accurate.  1,092 more words

on William Tyndale

Ever get sucked into an internet wormhole? I did during lunch today. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a wormhole is when you start to read about one thing, and then think, “Oh yeah, what about that…?” And so you click on a link or do a Google search, which then leads you to something else that looks interesting. 532 more words


Memoir in Black and The American Insanity

From William Mucho Bull

Black History Month: What a fricken joke!! Where do I begin?? Where?

I was trying my darndest not to react to Professor Dyson and Sunny Hostin, both of whom I dearly admire and view with profound respect—albeit with exceptions. 1,547 more words

Kamala Harris President-Elect 2020

William Mucho Bull on Foxx and LeBron

Hey, folks. Been out of town. Just got back. Out of town is an understatement. Been to another Planet. Aliens invited me up to get an assessment of intelligent life on earth. 949 more words

Stephanie Ruhle Vice President 2020

Can We Trust the Word of God?

I was witnessing to someone one day, when they said they believed in God, but claimed that no one could trust the Bible completely because it was written by men. 3,761 more words


The Virginia Company, United States, and the NWO

Contrary to what we have been trained to believe, the United States was not created so The People could be free.  It was, in fact, created by the British Empire in order to establish the New World Order (NWO).  679 more words