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Fair or Foul? The Firing of Coach David Blatt

By: Jamaal Womack

Sit back and think about this. In 21 years of coaching you win 17 major championships. You win the Euro League which when you think about it may be more difficult than winning the NBA title seeing as your teams change every season and you rarely have the same nucleus of players. 621 more words


Lebron James+Reality=Deep Dark Depression

It takes a lot of pain to admit this, but I think that it is pretty clear (even though it is January) that Lebron James will not win his third NBA championship this year. 658 more words


As You Like It: the fulfilment of a promise

In Rival Poet, Will makes a solemn promise to Kit that he will show two men dressed as men kissing on the English stage before he dies. 7,211 more words


Spankings Needed

In this complaint department series, one should be reminded that the words “shout out” don’t refer to conferring compliments. Shout outs are screams of frustration! 213 more words

Shouting Out

Why I'm NOT King James Only, pt.1, (hell)

There was a time, brief as it may have been, when I was too taken in by the arguments of the King James Only proponents, i.e. 3,012 more words


The Gospel According to John Chapters 18 through 21


LibriVox recording of the Gospel of John , from the King James Version.

The Gospel According to John, commonly referred to as the Gospel of John or simply John, is an account of the public ministry of Jesus. 41 more words