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It's The 21st Century Black Mamba Vs King James, Is it Relevant!!!

Comparing the NBA’s best player to Michael Jordan has been the norm since the god retired, came back, retired again, came back, then retired for good. 490 more words


Becoming The King: LeBron James

The Rise, The Fall, The Decision and The Return. This is the Journey of the one and only : LeBron James.. The story to become the greatest is not yet over.. #StriveForGreatness

King James

Fighting Jacobean pirates: Sir Henry Mainwaring's treatise

One of the charms of being a historian is tracking down and reading primary sources. I’ve been meaning for some time to track down Sir Henry Mainwaring’s advice on how to wage war against pirates. 1,703 more words



Hailments to all ESP massive and crew. Today will be a busy day for me, so I do not have the time to write the long hell of a post that I usually write daily. 2,336 more words

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Which is Greater in the Koran; Jesus or Muhammad?

Posted By Thomas Perez. June 12, 2011 at 1:41pm. Copyright 2011. 

Which is Greater in the Koran?

According to Islam Muhammad is greater than and supercedes Jesus Christ, but what does the Koran actually teach about the person of Christ and the person of Muhammad? 3,659 more words

Other Beliefs And Discussions Concerning The Christian Belief

LeBron James is the REAL MVP, Sorry KD

For the past decade LeBron has been the best player in the NBA. He has won the MVP award 4 times and for some reason the voting public feels as though he doesn’t deserve to win it once again. 443 more words