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LeBron James says he only has three good friends in the NBA

LeBron James squashed the idea that he and teammate Kevin Love have any issues, saying that the fact that they aren’t great friends has nothing to do with how well they will play together. 223 more words


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Everybody hates on LBJ because he's a "dick" or not friendly.  He is a pro athlete.  His job is to play basketball and win games, not to make nice with other players.  There is nothing wrong with him only having 3 friends in the league: Melo, D-Wade, and CP3. gvfh He is right you don't have to be best friends with your teammates, you just have to be able to work well with them.  Its not different than any other job.  Im sure most of you aren't bestie with your co-workers, i know I'm not.  But we work together to get what we need to done. NBA-Stars Let me know what you think in the comments! 2Gs

The persicuted part three

In the future,most if the united states is now ruled by malitias and the warlords who lead them.
Fredom is at the whims of those who wield the bigest guns. 740 more words




Dr. Michael McDaniel discusses BIBLE VERSIONS: DEFENDING THE KING JAMES. Find out why not all versions of the Bible are “created equal,” and why the version you choose is critical for right doctrine.


The Nike Lebron 12 EXT "Wheat"

Photo Credit: NiceKicks

Nike Sportswear celebrates his first ever All-Star Weekend appearance with a “Wheat” Lebron 12

James’ latest signature shoe has been given the hiking boot treatment, complete with metallic gold Swoosh branding and a Zoom loaded gum outsole. 130 more words


So There Is An Older Version??????

The bible itself is very old. I’m no scholar but I think the dead sea scrolls are part of the bible; correct me if I’m wrong. 174 more words


Poets on poetry

By all accounts, George Herbert was a cool guy. Our knowledge is limited because he lived long ago … more than 400 years ago. He only lived to the age of 39, but that was in the days before antibiotics and indoor plumbing. 301 more words