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Jacques Cathelineau vs. the seeds of socialism

NEWS ALERT:  Within minutes of publishing the following post, breaking news out of France indicated that another horrific terror attack has taken place, this time in Nice, as hundreds of people celebrated Bastille Day. 433 more words


Just when you thought there were no more surprises!

The King of Spain should be remembered for his contribution to the American cause, without which we might have faltered!

Please go to page 309 in my book: 201 more words

Still Another Unsung Hero of the American Revolution!

What a stunning surprise from this brave man who helped us!

Pierre-Auguste-Canon de Beaumarchais

He was a French dramatist and a covert defender!

Beaumarchais did not fit the mold at all. 112 more words


May 16th in history:

“The bells, bells, bells, bells…”

Wedding bells for author Edgar Allan Poe and his cousin, Virginia Clemm, on May 16th, 1836. Edgar was 27, Virginia was 13. 135 more words

Today In History

Who knew ....

Who knew that King Louis sent aid to the American rebels in 1777 in the form of  freedom sympathizers, engineers and other military experts.  The Marquis de Lafayette was one, although his first voyage to the colonies was not with the King’s approval. 126 more words

Just Jot It January 12

Jot -Skulls

I’m not a hunter -I’m an animal nut!  So, what do I know about skulls?

So, I thought I’d write about the Catacombs of Paris.  376 more words


The French Revolution: The Republic & The Reign of Terror

Last period we saw the causes of the The French Revolution which led to the beginnings of the Revolution with the storming of the Bastille. We will continue to examine the events of the Revolution as it led to the Republic, the execution of King Louis XVI and finally the Reign of Terror as the Committee on Public Safety led by Danton & Robespierre began to send to the guillotine those perceived to be the enemies of the Revolution. 83 more words

Political Revolutions