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Today in 1793: King Louis XVI executed

Louis XVI (1754-1793) was king of France from 1774 to 1792. He failed to understand the revolutionary forces at work in France and thus contributed to the fall of the monarchy. 190 more words


Just Jot It January 12

Jot -Skulls

I’m not a hunter -I’m an animal nut!  So, what do I know about skulls?

So, I thought I’d write about the Catacombs of Paris.  376 more words


The French Revolution: The Republic & The Reign of Terror

Last period we saw the causes of the The French Revolution which led to the beginnings of the Revolution with the storming of the Bastille. We will continue to examine the events of the Revolution as it led to the Republic, the execution of King Louis XVI and finally the Reign of Terror as the Committee on Public Safety led by Danton & Robespierre began to send to the guillotine those perceived to be the enemies of the Revolution. 83 more words

Political Revolutions

MEN AND PINK COLOUR / Đàn ông và màu hồng

If red is the color of danger, and bright red stands for promiscuity, then pink stand for what?  A colour that has long been considered a sign of femininity, homosexuality and evokes the image of the doll, flowers, candy and sugary cocktails. 2,384 more words


23rd August - On This Day In History


1754 Louis XVI (last king of France, executed by guillotine)


1305 William Wallace (Scottish patriot, executed)

On This Day:

1617 First one way street is opened (in London) 11 more words


August 10 in history:

On August 10th, 1792, King Louis the 16th of France was sent to prison, and a royal art collection at the Louvre Palace in Paris was confiscated by the government.   82 more words

Today In History

The All-Important Spud

Soon after I return home from the supermarket, I dump the potatoes from the plastic bag into the kitchen sink.  (I usually get five pounds at a time, because they keep better that way for me.)  I run a trickle of cold water then scrub them with a Scotchbrite… 996 more words

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