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May 16th in history:

“The bells, bells, bells, bells…”

Wedding bells for author Edgar Allan Poe and his cousin, Virginia Clemm, on May 16th, 1836. Edgar was 27, Virginia was 13. 135 more words

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“Big thoughts” may be murkier than “little thoughts” from flowers,  but I’m going to leave the flowers for a moment.

Napoleon Bonaparte died during the month of May, exactly 200 years ago.   593 more words

2015 Issues

My Royal Story: Marie Antionette by Kathryn Lasky

My Royal Story: Marie Antionette by Kathryn Lasky, historical fiction, 221 pages, first published by Scholastic Inc. in 2000, this edition published by Scholastic Ltd. in 2010. 413 more words

Book Review

Maria Christina: She Even Got the Canova!

The Augustinian Church, adjoining the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, contains one of the saddest and most grandiose memorials I’ve ever seen.  It occupies a huge section of wall space in the family church of the Habsburgs. 500 more words



Having finished the research and the paper, I now feel justified in heaving a big sigh of relief. Now that the stress of the paper is over, I can look back on my research, findings, and process. 548 more words

Marie Antoinette

The Wonders of Versailles

It is in our nature to look at the horizon and wonder what is beyond it. Most of us at some stage would have succumbed to the curiosity and travelled to see what there was to see.  559 more words

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Connecting Marie Antoinette to the 'Modern World'

It is now time for the promised articles that show the research of modern day governments, as well as my explanation for how they tie in with my knowledge on the government of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. 796 more words

Marie Antoinette