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Connecting Marie Antoinette to the 'Modern World'

It is now time for the promised articles that show the research of modern day governments, as well as my explanation for how they tie in with my knowledge on the government of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. 796 more words

Marie Antoinette

Book Reviews

Marie Antoinette: the journey

by: Antonia Fraser

This book covers the life of Marie Antoinette from her birth to her death. With over 500 pages, Antonia delves in to all aspects of her life and character. 435 more words

Marie Antoinette

The Curious Case of Wisconsin's Lost Dauphin Park

Grazing the western banks of a meandering river in northeast Wisconsin lies a small, 19 acre, rather unassuming tract of land. Although founded as a state park in 1947, this quiet plot of land does not contain the natural wonders, observation towers, or monuments of other state parks. 800 more words

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Questions regarding 'Little Antoine'

Marie Antoinette was Queen of France. She married King Louis XVI. She was beautiful, extravagant, and seemed to be disconnected with the People. She was beheaded in the Revolution. 465 more words

Marie Antoinette