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Catching Up on Tabby Tuesday Cuteness

Last night, towards the end of Tabby Tuesday, I hid a bunch of Louis and Olivia’s “treat” kibble around the apartment (a special high protein tasty kibble that I give them when they want quantity). 117 more words

L’homme au masque de fer


Someone once told me that my naming of Louis Catorze had “forever ruined French history for her”. 332 more words

List of Big Winners at HortiKultura Filipina 2018 Show

Philippine Horticultural Society in partnership with Quezon City government , Quezon City Memorial Circle administration , Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Agriculture with sponsors like Del Monte Philippines, MDS Godspeed Exhibit Company, Uratex , Manila Bulletin, San Miguel , NutriAsia, King Louis , East West Seed Company, Allied Botanical Corporation, Harbest Agriculture Company among others had extended the exhibit and trade fair for a few more days. 180 more words

Quezon City

OceanOne completes its first dive

A team at Stanford University have successfully launched its humanoid dive robot. Called “OceanOne”, the robot was able to dive down to the wreckage of a King Louis XIV flagship, 20 miles off the coast of Southern France, 100 meters under the water. 97 more words

Louis' Fourth Adoptaversary Recap

Louis has been in my life for FOUR WHOLE YEARS now! Hard to imagine my life BC (before cats), and certainly before Louis.

We celebrated with snacks, snuggles, and tunatinis, as befits his kingly status. 52 more words

The Child of the Revolution – Napoleon

“I was born when my country was dying. Thirty thousand Frenchmen disgorged upon our shores, drowning the throne of liberty in a sea of blood – such was the hateful spectacle that offended my infant eyes.” Napoleon was hardly 20 in 1789 – the year the French Revolution broke out. 478 more words


Post-Vacation Snuggles

My mom and I took a week-long vacation to New York City to visit family, shop, and explore. We had a great time, but of course missed our (many) critters. 12 more words