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Only God is Great

I was reading recently about King Louis XIV of France. Louis was crowned king at age 4 and was the longest reigning king of any major European country in history. 235 more words


November Paris Attacks: Ruthless Responses and Tributes to King Louis XVI

93: Propaganda; the number of Thelema; the year King Louis XVI was decapitated. WILL BE RUTHLESS =1549 (Change Vibrational Frequencies); =1110 (World Trade Center / Book of Revelation / Secrets Kept Hidden / The Powers That Be / Saturn-Chronos); =59 (Kill / Mass Murder / Skull and Bones / Live and Let Die); =68 (Barack Obama / Theleme / Two Twenty-Three) 318 more words


Enchantress of Paris by Marci Jefferson

Enchantress of Paris: A Novel of the Sun King’s Court by Marci Jefferson

Fraught with conspiracy and passion, the Sun King’s opulent court is brought to vivid life in this captivating tale about a woman whose love was more powerful than magic. 519 more words


Daniel’s letters: 2 April 1815 – Bonaparte in France, King Louis to Holland, news from home

R. 7th of April

Hounslow April 2nd 1815

Dear Father and Mother

Your letter Dated 5th of March I received on the 9th and very sorry to heard of your illness and in great hopes you are better in health at present… 581 more words


Daniel's letters: 18 May 1816 – mass unemployment, marriage of Princess Charlotte, Uncle's 'rumitis'

R. 18th of Instant

May the 5th 1816

Dear Father and Mother

Your last letter I received was Dated Decbr  the 1st, and I have wrote the 16th of January and never had an Answer, to this day, and that makes me uneasey somtimes but on another consideration I should imagine if there is anything amiss I should heard of it, 209 more words