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Versailles (Series 2) First Impressions

I honestly had no idea this had come back so soon for a second series. This is another one of those first impressions blogposts. 247 more words


Scenes from St. Louis' City

The Mississippi rides high. Here’s the plaza in front of the great Arch:

Before they built the Arch, a statue of the patron saint represented the town, like in this old postcard: 270 more words


Palace of the Sun King

Château de Versailles – France’s most iconic and extravagant palace – does not need an introduction. With nearly six million visitors each year, its fame is hard to overlook. 1,377 more words


Le locataire du Château

Cat Daddy and I have a guest staying with us at Le Château. Now, for most cats, a big deal such as a new housemate would need to be brokered with expert skill and precision; however, because this is Louis Catorze, and because our guest is male, we had a feeling everything would work out fine. 288 more words

St. Louis' Letter to his Son, Phillip

The following is King Louis IX’s beautiful letter to his son, who would later become Phillip III, exhorting him to to be a good and just King and Ruler by practicing holiness and avoiding sin, while admonishing him to love the Holy Catholic Church, which it is his duty to defend. 2,721 more words

St. Louis

Le tabouret du Roi

Cat Daddy recently bought a brand new scratching post. Now, it wasn’t because he wanted to do something nice for Louis Catorze: it was because he wanted to park in Pets at Home’s customers-only car park but didn’t want to be that despicable person who parks there without buying anything. 262 more words