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”I used to cry when I watched Chaplin’s films. It was from him that I learned about the role of the underdog. And because I’m also from a poor family, this kind of thing moved me and I found that it also worked for the audience because most of them are like me – ordinary guys” 256 more words

Jerry Lewis as Mockingbird

The Lewis character is always potentially anybody
—Chris Fujiwara

There is no easy way to shake that schmuck you sleep with at night. No matter how you toss and turn he’s always there. 2,388 more words

Samuel Beckett

The Laughing Wallpaper in The King of Comedy for @BigPicFilmMag

Taxi Driver’s (1976) portrait of 70s downtown New York, complete with neon signs and porno theatres flashing through the night and reflected on the wet tarmac, is an image that sticks with you like no other. 399 more words

Movie Reviews

Movie Review: Happy Ending

I will confess something. Last week I had watched Kill/Dil. In spite of it being a decent enough film, I couldn’t draw up the enthusiasm to write about it. 518 more words

My Ramblings

The ABCs of Scorsese A - E

********This article originally appeared on audienceseverywhere.net and contains material by A Redhead at the Movies, Richard Newby, and Diego Crespo.

Martin Scorsese will be 72 on the 17th of November. 1,086 more words