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Revival, or something that looks like it

I had a conversation with a dear friend about what we wanted to see from our children. We both concluded that we wanted to see our children thrive and be the ‘best people they can be’. 644 more words

Women Of Faith

A Fresh Look at the Lord’s Prayer “Your Kingdom Come”

In last week’s blog, I discussed that the name of God is so sacred that we dishonor him if we use it as a common expression or with a cavalier attitude. 207 more words

Christian Spirituality


Idols are easily made without us noticing it. They can be people we look up to or we’re obsessed with, they can be media platforms that take our time or they can be everyday mundane things. 76 more words

Curly Thoughts

No Matter

I do believe this is a time for us to pray for our nation!

Be Encouraged Today~


Spiritual Encouragement

Sunday Bun! At SAllome Point in the Future

Sunday go to Meeting Bun
L. A. Marzulli
At Some Point in the future…
The King of Kings will return and he will be seen by everyone, as every eye will see Him. 163 more words
L. A. Marzulli

Religion vs Relationship

It has taken me a long time to realize that the church is not the same as Jesus. Going to church is not the same as worship. 61 more words


The Nine White Banners of Mongolia

“Remember, you have no companions but your shadow”

– Genghis Khan, 1st Khagan of the Mongol Empire,Khan of the Mongols and King of Kings ( 1162-1227 ) 359 more words