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King of Kings Address to the World (Global Financial Change)

It seems that this video is making the rounds, again . . . I remain skeptical, for the reasons discussed in the second video, below -LW… 25 more words


Why Jesus Never Laughed

We watch, look, and wonder how it is that our culture can continue its headlong march into depravity. We think that there will be a turning point, where our country will suddenly turn around and actually seek holiness and God’s righteousness. 1,147 more words

Biblical Truth

Trend Update: Star of Bethlehem, June 30, 2015

In the sky on June 30, 2015, there will be an event comparable to the Star of Bethlehem. The planets of Jupiter and Venus will be in conjunction. 523 more words


Carriers of God’s Glory

1 Kings 6 describes the temple that Solomon built.  It is quite an impressive structure, with great attention to detail, and the “best of the best.”  It is massive, built with quality stones, cedar wood, all kinds of carving, and overlaid with gold. 478 more words

1 Kings 6

The Day The Lord Walked Into My Life

The day He walked into my life

There is a Lord

Who watches over all

There is a Lord who catches you when you fall… 230 more words

Jesus is Clad in Rags Made of Sackcloth

below is a message Jesus- our King in Exile- gave to His servant, Vassula Ryden in 1991.. regarding His own poverty and how far removed we are from our inner person really resembling Him as the Son of Man.. 453 more words

Jesus Christ

Poll: Touchdown Jesus or Big Butter Jesus?

Five years after it was struck by lightning and burned to the ground, there is still “CONTROVERSY” about the best nickname for Solid Rock Church’s “King of Kings” sculpture. 54 more words