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Why Do You Call Me?

Why Do You Call Me?

When we’re in deep, deep trouble,  we tend  to call  on God Almighty,  “Lord,  Lord”  as we acknowledge  that He actually is LORD  and God  over all things  —  even over us. 372 more words


Sunday Praise and Worship: The Way

Beloved, the one and only God of the universe is indeed the great I AM. How do we know this? Because He told us so when he revealed this to Moses: 220 more words


Warrior Mother or Warrior God?

This is the mother I have always wanted to be.  A warrior mother, fiercely protective, defender and advocate who allows no one to hurt my children without consequence.   808 more words


The King Comes

The King Comes

The King Comes

In a blaze of Glory,

Worshipful Brilliance

From the hills and mountains

In charge of Angel Armies

And Ready to advance… 65 more words


Will the real Gospel please stand up?

So many doctrines have been piled on to the simple Gospel that it’s sometimes hard to see the forest behind the trees. Let’s wipe the slate clean and start from scratch. 1,620 more words

Just Thinking

The 1st Commandment Of GOD

JESUS said if you love HIM, you will keep HIS commandments as said in John 14:15. The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:1-17) are perpetual throughout all generations. 538 more words