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The Jump - Sunday Photo Fiction

AnElephantCant climb up to high places
He thinks it is not worth the hassle
Between him and you
He does like the view
But he considers rhyming hassle with castle to be somewhat facile… 216 more words

Daft Rhymes

TCB, Taking Care of Business in Bully Land

Let’s imagine Jerusalem as a total institution, controlled and constrained as a mental hospital. Such institutions, delineated by strict borders, socialize their inmates into specific roles. 1,082 more words

King of the castle

The last session I went to was the king of castle, my John Doe didn’t fit into this or so I thought.

To be honest although he had his rules and always wanted a take away and didn’t care about the house, In fact he discouraged me from cleaning, this session to wasn’t about him. 285 more words

Finding Happiness

Sympathy For The Devil

The banality of evil in I’m the King of the Castle

PJ Merrell considers Hill’s presentation of the character of Edmund Hooper and whether he is evil by ‘nature’ or through ‘nurture’. 1,089 more words


Adventures in Iggy-sitting

Amber here. We’ve been busy in Dorian-land. Summer for academics, contrary to popular opinion, does not mean lounging by the pool and reading for fun. I’m busy at work on a few publications and finally taking some time to work on my book proposal, and Theo is buried in his dissertation work and preparing to do some fieldwork for his project. 475 more words

Security Is the King of the Castle

Security Is the King of the Castle

They state that a guy is the king of his castle and while we do no longer stay in castles, the reference can similarly put on a man’s home. 553 more words

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King of the castle

National and Corporate Affairs
Espionage in the Capitol