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4th wife's a charmer.

Anna of Austria, (1549 – 1580) married her Uncle Philip II to become the Queen Consort of Spain. She came from a long line of big-name royalty and many of her siblings were quite prominent as well. 255 more words

An analytical perspective on the ‘Armada Portrait’

Painted in 1588, the Armada Portrait sums up the devastating or triumphant events of the same year, depending on the view you take. Elizabeth I successfully fought off the Spanish Catholic threat that was openly supported by Pope Sixtus V and led by King Philip II. 50 more words

United Kingdom

Detail from the "Zuniga Map" of Virginia, featuring Jamestown and James Fort, circa 1608

From The Encyclopedia Virginia, The Virginia Foundation for the Humanities:

“The Zúñiga chart, a manuscript map of the Chesapeake Bay and Tidewater Virginia, features the bay’s major rivers, the location of Jamestown and James Fort, and the locations of sixty-eight Indian villages. 32 more words

Bill (Review)

“All the world’s a stage.”

Personally, I prefer my stage to be much smaller. About the size of my one bedroom flat, ideally. 807 more words

Alexander the Great

ON THIS DATE in 338 BC, eighteen-year-old Alexander the Great, led the left wing of the Macedonian army to victory over Thebes at the Battle of Chaeronea. 64 more words