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King Sun - Righteous But Ruthless

King Sun was a rapper who was primarily active during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. He came right at the tail-end of the “pro-Black/socially conscious” movement in rap. 606 more words


Son.of.Byford's Ten Worst Love Jams of 1989

The evolution of hip hop has led to many exciting and, admittedly, entertaining developments. But, to remain objective and fair to the absurd and regrettable elements of this evolution is something that Son.of.Byford strives to achieve. 1,018 more words

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King Sun's "XL" in 50 Words

King Sun

j3 says:

Moments of greatness (“Snakes”, “All In”) diluted by prolonged exposure to house and queazy R&B flavor makes XL a disastrously inconsistent outing punished by its own misguided ambition. 88 more words

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Gift of Gaffe: King Sun's Love Trilogy "Hey Love / Do I Love You / Time to Go"

This morning, I present to you perhaps the most atrociously painful three-song sequence of 1989 to date. On the b-side (at least they got that part right) of King Sun’s debut album XL, King devotes the final three songs of the album to a sorta mini-symphony, if you so will. 126 more words

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VIDEO: King Sun's "It's a Heat Up"

Today’s donut brings us King Sun doing his best attempt at Rakim in the desert (heat motif) in front of fire trucks (heat motif) with girls dancing in front of flames (heat motif) while they splice in video footage of firefighters (heat motif)…and there’s a random appearance of Ice-T (odd cold motif). 49 more words

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