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The Gift Of The Magi: What To Give Jesus For Christmas


The Sunday Morning Service

The Sunday Morning Special!

The Gift Of The Magi: What To Give Jesus For Christmas

How do you and your family celebrate the birth of Christ? 102 more words


The Overlooked King

As far as dragon lizards go, these aren’t really the prettiest we have in Australia. But what they lack in good looks they make up for in spades with character! 208 more words


The King's Appearance

Josh Gaither preaches this morning from 1 Samuel 16.1-13, the story Samuel finding and anointing David as Israel’s king. Samuel, no less than the whole nation, was looking for someone impressive enough to be a convincing king. 61 more words


Do You Really Want To Know Me

I don’t want to be known

just by an icon on your phone

I want to be recognized

by the color of my eyes

the curve of my smile…

13 more words
Kait King Author

That World Beyond Him!

Born under haze farm, raised over a rose farm,
Sharp as an eagle, loyal as a beagle,
Intelligence was her charm, beauty was her choice, 385 more words


Dragon Fire: Episode 92

The next morning, Zephryn woke to the rumble of distant thunder. For just a moment, he indulged himself, letting his mind drift back to Lillian’s night visit, her soft kiss before she stole away. 1,292 more words