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Two Things I Wish For

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“Two things I wish for/ Three things I can’t understand/ How the wind and waves stir my soul./ How King, Wind, and Word complete/ The eternal puzzle, deep mystery./ One thing I know is why I cry.”

— from “Prophet”

Heart Shaped Box * Joe Hill

A rock star purchases a vengeful ghost for his oddities collection and finds himself in a race for his life as the ghost is none other than the step father of his ex girlfriend. 555 more words

Book Reviews

'Accessing the King energy'

“The first task in accessing the King energy for would-be human “kings” is to dis-identify our Egos from it. We need to achieve what psychologists call… 103 more words


Discounting love for the king

We were interested to see that The Nation is advertising a discount on We Love the King caps at its NStore.

This is either a great bargain for dedicated monarchists or a measure of the decline of the monarchy.

A Generous King

Shibi was the son of Usinara, king of lunar dynasty. Sibi was known for his philanthropy. Indra and Agni decided to the test the king’s generosity. 148 more words

Since I like those lines so much.

I like them so much and made them my Facebook cover photo. Why is the name ZelusĀ  Unbound and not Lone Revenant well that story’s coming soon. 21 more words