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It is your sweet wife’s birthday today. A big one, as you already know, I am sure. She will probably give me a hard time about publishing a letter revealing she is sixty years old, but I think it is important to specify. 873 more words

Perception 1 Quote

“Men of Galilee, why do you stand looking up toward heaven?” (Acts 1:11)

Act 1:11

Answer| because it holds the truth Gods

Writing Scribes

Correspondent George F. King.

The Denver Star, 27 September 1913.

The Denver Star, 10 January 1914.

George F. King was a Virginia-born news reporter and editor who built his career as a correspondent covering African-American people and issues in the South. 39 more words

City Of Wilson

Day 11

Friday 7th August 2020

One thing I need to do with this drawing everyday malarkey is also remember to update this blog everyday too. It’s now Wednesday 12th August, but this entry is for my drawing from Friday the week before. 233 more words

August 12th - Is That Seat Taken?

The flower follows the sun; the earth follows the seasons, and the heavens their path. I give to you will, that you would choose the narrow way. 286 more words

The Closed-Case against the Vizier System in Abrahamic Faith Practices

There are at least 4 different Prophets in at least 6 places that either completely abrogated the Vizier System or in the case of Moses and Aaron placed limitations on the Vizier System. 989 more words