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The Legend of St. Regimund

The Legend of St. Regimund

by Alfred Castner King

St. Regimund, e’er he became a saint,
Was much imbued with vulgar earthly taint;
E’er he renounced the honors of a Knight… 971 more words


Survival of the Desperate

“They won’t survive this.”

Mounted on my battle horse, I look over the landscape. What was once a prosperous province, has turned into a breeding ground for insurgency. 805 more words


'Sects Thursday 09/21/2017

*Fake news? or… secret ancient society uncovered? You decide! :)

Comic Strip

They Grew Despite Affliction

Devotion for Friday September 20, 2017

Topic: They Grew Despite Affliction

Text: Exodus 1:8 – 12

Afflicting someone out of sheer jealousy and envy will only amount to blessing on the person being afflicted. 261 more words


Carry On

So I’m in my Buddhist Philosophy class right now but I’m gonna write on here because I’m hella bored. I feel a lot better since my last post. 270 more words

The Death of a Queen

The Queen stood surrounded, by jeering, clamouring crowds,
beleaguered on every side, with no place left to hide.
While her King stood in the corner, consulting once more with the Bishop, 108 more words


Tujuh Wasiat Raja-Raja Melayu

This document was published by Malaysia’s Ministry of Information concerning

The 7 declarations of the 9 Malay Rulers Legal Will.

Let us take a pictorial journey to the hearts and minds of the 9 Rulers of the Malaya states (later renamed Malaysia). 14 more words