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Thursday Teaser- The 4 King Riddle

Every Thursday I will add a new riddle to this blog. It may be one I know of or one I have found online. If you like to submit a riddle comment on this one and it may become next week’s riddle. 128 more words

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About Tut, Pharaoh of Egypt

After visiting the King Tut exhibit years ago, I was excited to see the mini series about Tut, the boy King of Egypt, on Spike. We watched the series after it showed like a marathon, all three-night parts in a row. 144 more words

I'd Rather Be Saved

We have been working our way through a series of messages on attitudes and desires we should have to be contrary to the flow of the world around us. 824 more words

The Copper Ring

An old copper ring sat in a jewelry case on display for years. Surrounded by emeralds, rubies, and diamonds, the buyers ignored it for they saw neither splendor nor significance. 110 more words


In the Presence of Jesus

Today’s reading is Revelation 1.

Sometimes I fear we are so familiar with Jesus that we lose sight of who He really is. I think we fantasize that we will come into Jesus’s presence, skipping and dancing, high-fiving and hugging. 179 more words


A minister in a court was summoned before the mahârâja. The minister also happened to be a brahmin priest, a kulaguru with the power to give initiation in the most sacred mantra, Aum NamahSivâya.

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Words Of Wisdom

Gibson Lucille

Lucille is the name given to B.B. King’s signature guitars. They were usually black Gibson guitars similar to the ES-355.

The story of Lucille

In the winter of 1949, King played at a dance hall in Twist, 388 more words